Moving Scam – Get Your Belongings

Moving Scam, Get Your Belongings.

How to Get Your Goods Close To Your Door When the Moving Truck Can’t?

Most of the time when moving long distance, the estimate cost that a moving company will give you includes many assumptions. One example is that the van will be able to deliver the goods from the truck to the door. But sometimes, the van won’t fit into the private access road, driveway or complex leading to the homeowner’s entrance way. When this occurs, the moving company and the home owner are bound by a tariff agreement which provides that the homeowner will pay extra for a service to shuttle his goods from the truck to his home entrance.

But what happens, now, if the situation is more complicated, and the homeowner and truck driver disagree, as to whether the truck can approach the house. In this situation, moving tariff’s specifically spell out that the driver has the right to decide if entering the road or driveway will potentially endanger his truck or cause damage to property. And if he believes there is a chance of damage, he has the right to refuse to drive close to the house, and the homeowner must choose one of the other means to bring his goods into carrying range of the home.

It is only right that the truck driver should have the final say. He is the one who bears responsibility for any damage; he is the one who would have to answer to any damage to the truck.

In truth, more and more scrutiny is being given to the problem of interstate van lines trying to pull up close to a small apartment dwelling in a residential complex. Many complexes, in California, for example, ban trucks over 40 feet long, and even these vehicles are only permitted to enter during the day.

Now, what about the extreme case, where the driver is lying, because he works for a moving scam company that deliberately wants to push up the cost of the move. In that case, it is best to play along with the company and try to gain back the lost money through arbitration. Stopping the move to argue about the problem only prolongs the work time and risks incurring steep overtime charges. Afterward, the victim can go to arbitration. However, considering the costs of the long carry and a shuttle, a victim is unlike to gain much if any compensation through legal means as the court costs will eat up any possible gain.

How do shipping and moving companies charge for a Long Distance move?

They charge by Cubic Feet or by the amount of Weight, and Packing Materials needed:

Cubic Feet: Cubic feet means by space: the more space your items take up in their truck the more money you will pay.

Weight: The companies will weigh the truck before they show up at your doorstep, to know the weight before placing your items inside. After your items are loaded, they will go back to weight the truck again. This will determine the difference in weight and ultimately how much you’ll end up paying.

Packing: When it comes to long distance shipping, the company will charge for the packing and shipping materials used and not for their time.

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