Examples of Moving Scams

Have you started looking for a moving company? Whether you are moving across town or out of state, you may need some assistance. Doing your research on the Internet can be a very useful tool to avoid moving scams.

Moving scams exist in almost every state in the United States. The first line of defense is awareness. In most cases you hire a mover believing them to be a reputable moving company, only to find out later that they are nothing more then criminals.

A major factor in moving is the price estimate. There are many common estimates in the relocation industry here are a few examples:

Flat Fee Guaranteed Estimate:
This type of estimate occurs mostly when hiring a packing service company. They come to your home give you a guaranteed price. The estimate is what you pay.

Binding Not To Be Exceeded:
This type of price estimate means that even if your weight exceeds the original written estimate, you still only pay for the amount of the estimate. If your weight is less then the estimate then you pay less.

Non-Binding Estimate:
You agree to pay for the actual weight of your items, not the estimate. You will pay a certain price per pound and the final bill can be higher or lower then the estimate given.

Fixed Price Agreement:
This type of estimate means that you are signing to agree to pay a certain price no matter your weight. The risk is that the moving company will tell you that you have more weight then you actually do. A company will not go into a contract that they will lose money on. If the customer did not reveal all the items they have then the truck driver can challenge the binding estimate and give you a separate price for the items not on your list.

Your best option for minimal aggravation to you or your pocket would be to hire packers/labor and not an actual moving company. Hiring a packing service company can save you all the worries over moving scams, unprofessional packers, late arrivals at deliveries and it will put the control of your move in your hands.

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