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Moving Scams, How To Bluff A Moving Scam Artist

If in spite of all the warnings, and all the advice that appears on the Internet today now more than ever you can be scammed by a moving company. They will give you a low moving cost estimate and raised your moving price, which will then give them control of your belongings. Discover a little known secrete from the card game poker. This known secrete might help you get through the situation and minimize your loses. If you’re not familiar with how the betting in poker works, let me fill you in on the details.

In poker, each player puts in a certain initial sum into the pot, to gain the right to play in the game. As the hand progresses, each person has the opportunity to draw new cards. In some poker games, the players are required to exhibit some of their cards, in other types, no. But in either case, each player is looks at the facial expressions of the other players; he notes how many cards they drew and how many cards they kept. At certain crucial times, after the deal, and after the draw, players bet. If one player bets, and another player doesn’t want to put up an equal sum, he is forced to drop out of the hand, or fold.

So when playing poker, you have to know when your hand is likely to lose, and when it is therefore best to drop out of the betting, and forfeit the money you already bet. On the other hand, another strategy you can use is to try and force the other players out by raising the bets Even if your own hand isn’t that good, the players don’t know. They might think your cards can beat theirs, and so, afraid to lose more money, they will fold. When a player employs this strategy, with a poor hand, it is called bluffing. Or, another strategy, even if you have a bad hand, is to raise the bets, as if you have a great hand, and thus scare the other players. If you scare all the players, and they drop out, then you win the pot.

In the following story, a man signed with an online moving broker who passed his move off to a subcontractor. Once his goods were loaded on the truck, the company raised the moving price $1,400 above the original agreement. It was a cross country move, and the truck finally arrived three weeks late. As is usual with moving scams, they demanded payment before they would allow him to see his belongings. But this victim would have none of that. He refused to pay the trumped up charges, and told the manager J. that if they “drive off with my belongings, I…(will), charge them with Grand Theft Auto and call the police.” This convinced the driver to stay and the debate in sued.

Finally after two hours of the stand of, the man decided to compromise. Mostly because of concern for his wife and kids, he “decided to pay them their demanded price, only upon the condition that they let me see my belongings first to ensure they were there and undamaged. This was a smart demand on the man’s part, because many times, scam moving companies deliver goods that have been seriously damaged, or goods that are missing many items. But at first, the company balked. This only ticked off the man more, and he responded with an effective bluff, as follows: “if you don’t,(let me look into the truck), you can take my belongings with you and I will replace everything, take you to court, and attempt to collect the $25,000.00 from you in a law suit. And based on your track record I’m pretty confident I’ll win. Do you want to go that route Joan? Cause I’m done f-n’ with ya!”

All the while that he was threatening the movers, he secretly admitted that with the changes in the contract, the police would not have recognized how they cheated him, and wouldn’t be able to do anything. But his bluff worked. A short time later, J. called back to say he could view his property on the truck. He inspected the truck, found that his goods were mostly there, paid the extra cash, and got his belongings. As one member of the online anti-scam web site noted, he did the right thing to pay the extra cash. If the company had driven off with his stuff, he would have had to lay out extra money for storage, and delivery time, and the price he was scammed could easily have doubled or even tripled. So in the end, this man knew when to bluff, and he knew when to fold, and he was thereby able to cut his losses, and retrieve his belongings.

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