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Packing Service, Inc. (PSI) is a full or partial packing / unpacking professional services company. We offer free visual estimates on all services provided, with pictures illustrating how your possessions will look before packing and unpacking your move in our picture pages. PSI does not charge by the hour, only by the items to be packed. We use ALL the necessary equipment to ensure your items are secure and cared for as if they were our own. We are a very professional packing company that provides Flat Rate Guaranteed Quotes, for customers who don’t want the bother, have the ability and/or time to pack up their house and own personal goods. Our main goal is to explain in detail how to pack, what to pack and load by offering professional suggestions on the supplies to be used in order to ensure our customers that their property will be safe with us throughout the process.

PSI uses all top quality packing boxes and the necessary equipment to protect new or used fragile items, including furniture, antiques of all kinds, or any item to be included in the move. We also work with other shipping and moving companies for those last minute jobs, Residential and Commercial, International and Domestic. We only hire professional movers, so you can assure yourself and your items are receiving the best care in the packing services business when hiring our professional packing company.

Here is an approximate brief Packing list of items that Packing Service, Inc. offers, including our professional package services we use to pack and load items and the supplies we use in doing 90% of our house packing jobs, every job is different but we try to make it as easy as we can:


Our packing company wrap ALL items with the highest quality special double-padded paper pads used on the market today to give that added extra protection during the move. Items that would require this are: dressers, tables, chairs, bookcases, coffee tables, end tables and all wood or metal items. Each item will be wrapped, handled, covered and placed in the PODS Container or rental truck by our professional staff.

We only use double tick china packing boxes wrapped with unprinted newspaper (white paper). Our package services company only uses this certain paper as opposed to most packing services, who don’t know that regular newspaper can stain the items which can be impossible to remove. We take the utmost care with China and Glassware as it can be easily damaged during the packing and unpacking process, packing and loading Pods Containers and/or rental trucks. Again, we treat our customer’s property as if it were our own!


Packing Service, Inc. wraps each piece separately in unprinted newspaper; place them in packaging boxes standing on the edge.

Packing Service, Inc. wrap all bowls individually, then stack 2-6 together, wrap again and place them standing on edge in the packing boxes.

Packing Service, Inc. wrap the cup handles in paper, then wrap the entire cup, place them in packaging boxes with all handles pointing in the same direction to make it safer while packing and unpacking your everyday glasses individually, which are then placed packing boxes to be placed on the PODS Container or rental truck.

Packing Services, Inc. use white packaging paper, use china or liquor box with dividers, wrap each glass individually and stand on rim in box, to ensure during the packing and loading process.

Our professional packers pack books standing on bottom edge in book boxes.

Packing Services, Inc. use wardrobe boxes for handling clothing, other clothing, blankets and linens can be folded and packed in linen boxes; we recommend emptying all dressers and chests as the added weight can make them difficult to move and move susceptible to damage.

Packing Services, Inc. use large boxes stack them together with a few pieces of paper in between them.

We remove shades and bulbs, wrap lamps in layers of paper and place in box on base. Wrap lampshades lightly in paper, nest one inside the other and pack it in a separate box.

Our packers wrap these items heavily in bubble wrap and will place it in a box.

PSI use professional packers to wrap picture boxes and add bubble-wrap for extra protection, valuable pieces may need to be professionally crated by us, all at a flat rate.

Estimating how many boxes you will need while packing house, will vary from packing and crating, depending upon what to pack and how to pack, as this will vary from house to house, but is still guaranteed at a flat rate by the box to get packed:

Small Studio = 10-15 boxes
Medium Studio = 15-20 boxes
Large Studio = 20-25 boxes
Small 1 Bedroom Apt. = 10-20 boxes
Medium 1 Bedroom Apt. = 20-30 boxes
Large 1 Bedroom with Children = 40-60 boxes
Small 2 Bedroom Apt. = 40-55 boxes
Medium 2 Bedroom Apt. = 55-60 boxes
2 Bedroom (3-5 Years) with Children 50-70
2 Bedroom (5-7 Years) with Children 70-80
3 Bedroom Home with Children 80-100
4 Bedroom Home with Children 100-200

Number of boxes can change because of all sizes of houses don’t have the same items as every customer, this is only an estimate. But again we use flat rates moving quotes to ensure customer satisfaction while saving people money. Our packers pack and load all items and use packing crates when needed.


Our professional packing company can be extended to cover the disassemble of large furniture items while packing house, will re-assemble the items at your new home, we can even help with difficult access, doors, stairs etc., while packing and loading PODS container. Please discuss your need with our representative; we are always willing to help.

All packing or any kind of services ways can be different with each job, no job is the same and no one has the same things, our professional employees are trained and prepared for each job and any kind of services. So please call our representatives to get a flat rate guaranteed quote for packing boxes, packing fragile items, wrapping furniture or packing antique items.

We have export packers for international moves; we use only high quality international packaging supplies and provide international packing crates and package services all over the U.S.

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