What makes you to discard a packing company?

Suppose you have decided to hire a packing company to reallocate. You have picked up certain packing companies which you think are trustworthy for the job. You ask those packing companies to give an estimate and they call you back to further carry the process. You have your own list according to which you interact with the representatives of the packing companies and enquire about them.

Now what? What should you do next so that you can discard the undeserving company and go for the one that is best for you?

There are certain things that should be kept in mind before judging and discarding any packing company. You can always judge the company’s standards by analyzing the answers that they give to your questions. Following are some of the factors that should be considered.

Packing and shrink wrapping top of a car

Packing and shrink wrapping top of a car

  On asking questions over the estimate, if a company gives a lowball estimate of the packed items, discard it at that moment. No person in this world works for free and if they are willing to do so then you should smell the rat in their vaults.

If a company says it has been giving service in this field for 7-10 years then it is a good company to opt for. More years in the field cannot guarantee good service but yes it can give a good insight about the packing company.

While enquiring about the pricing options, if the companies representative to rushes the matter or seems not to understand your requirements then be sure to abort the company.

You should doubt the goodness of the packing company if it gives exact date of delivery. Normally movers ask for options of 2 to 3 days for delivery owing to different conditions.

Packing boxes, Fragile Items

Packing boxes, Fragile Items

Keep in mind the spontaneity and the depth of the knowledge of the person whom you are asking questions to him. If the person took time to answer your questions like, how they would treat your prized possessions such as a piano or a painting or a treasured chair, then there are good chances that they would take enough time to pack your belongings with care and safety.

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