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For a long time now, damage to goods during shipping and transportation has been a significant problem. This causes great loss to people whose items are damaged during the process of shifting. Now, with the invention of pallet, this problem has been solved to a great extent. A pallet is actually a transport structure made of wood, used to support the items being lifted while moving things to different places. The palletizing process can be referred to as a whole packaging system. Like the pallets, Shrink Wrapping has a very vast range of applications during the moving processes. A shrink wrap is basically a polymer plastic sheet that tends to shrink when heat is applied to it. 


Palletizing - Shrink Wrapping, Services Company

Palletizing – Shrink Wrapping, Services Company


With processes like palletizing and shrink wrapping, shifting can become very convenient and easy. The size of pallet to be used is determined using the size of the item. In most cases, pallets are made of soft wood. Upon completion of the shifting process, it can be disposed off along with the other unnecessary items. These pallets are designed so that they hold goods firmly and prevent them from moving, hence reducing the risk of damage.

Palletizing - Shrink Wrapping, Services Company 2

Palletizing – Shrink Wrapping, Services Company 2

The shrink wrapping palletizing system can provide eminent help on residential and commercial scale. The shrink wrap is generally divided into two principal types. One refers to transit and the other to the display. The transit packaging has low cost, as poly-ethane is the material used in its creation. It provides an appropriate amount of strength to the packaging system. In the display shrink wrap, the same principal is applied, just with a little difference, as the rolls used in this application are of considerably small diameters.

While using the shrink wrapping palletizing system, there are a wide number of things you need to keep in mind. Above all, when the items are placed on the pallet, the heaviest one should be placed at the bottom. When you apply the shrink wrap, make sure all sides of the pallet are grabbed properly. When the pallet gets fully loaded, it’s top must be covered with the shrink wrap in order to keep your cargo safe.

Palletizing - Shrink Wrapping, Services Company 3

Palletizing – Shrink Wrapping, Services Company 3

Most of the companies offering shrink wrap palletizing also contain a vast range of other offers. The offers include professional assistance, which is provided by well-trained staff along with other packaging services. This way, only one company can provide you with everything needed to complete your shifting. You can shrink wrap a number of items and combine them for the best utilization of space. A number of shops use shrink wraps for display purposes because of the clarity they offer. It offers you immense value because it is light in weight and available at affordable cost. All of these are great reasons for the use Packing Service Inc. for Palletizing and Shrink Wrapping services Onsite Nationwide 888-722-5774.

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