7 Mistakes to Avoid During a Move

Relocating is indeed stressful and tiring. The moment you know about your reallocation, you become worried. In this state of being worried, it is common to make mistakes that could have been avoided. The following are some common mistakes that you can easily avoid while moving from one place to another.

Not planning the move
Moving is a complicated process which requires proper planning and execution according to your available time frame. Sit with your family members and prepare a draft stage of what you need and how that can be achieved in the best way, but keeping in mind all other factors that affect it.

Being Unaware of the busy season
Good, professional Packing companies are always busy in summer season. So, if you plan to hire a reliable company, then be sure to contact them in advance and if possible settle the negotiation so that you can schedule their services at the required time.

Inquire about the packing company
Even if you are fully satisfied with the terms and conditions of the first company you spoke to you should still keep yourself on the safe side by comparing their flat rate quote with other packing companies. This would give you a brief idea of what you are paying and how fair it is.


Know the difference between an “estimate” and a “flat rate quote
An “estimate” is a price to start the job, not the final price. In most cases moving companies that refuse to give you a quote like to instead give you a lowball estimate that’s appealing and then double or triple it with additional fees by the time the work is nearly done. You can find more information on these kind of Moving scams (and how to avoid them) on our website.


A “Flat Rate Quote” is simply that. A guaranteed price that will not change throughout the completion of the job.


Stay calm and avoid rushing
After you have settled with the packing company, don’t panic. Take steps according to the terms and conditions that you have settled and see that all work is carried out according to the contract. Rushing things will only create more problems and complicate the matter.

Keep record of the official statements
Carry all the official statements, documents and money receipts that are associated with the movers. Many times it happens that you misplace the receipt in a hurry which is an ultimate proof of your payment to the Packing Company. This would land you in serious trouble in case you have to settle any matter with the packing company.

Not crosschecking the inventory sheet
Be sure to check the inventory sheet before signing it finally. While loading your things in to the clock to make sure that all things listed in the inventory sheet. Once the trucks arrives at the destination check inventory sheet and confirm that all things loaded into the trunk are safely unloaded from it. Only after crosschecking, sign the inventory sheet.

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