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We provide professional Packing and Loading Services you can depend on anywhere nationwide with Guaranteed Flat Rate Quotes. Hire us when you need help Packing Boxes, Wrapping Furniture, and Loading your belongings into containers of any size. Whether it household or commercial goods, Packing Service, Inc. will pack up any size item(s) or load and ship them anywhere in the world you require. Since opening in 2003, Packing Service, Inc. has a stellar 97% customer satisfaction rate and is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau for 8 straight years!

Packing and Loading Services, Pack and Load, Packers and Loaders of Packing Service Inc

Packing Service, Inc. is one of the few companies that combine moving and shipping services nationwide! We are a one-stop-shop for all Packing and Unpacking, loading and unloading, shrink wrap palletizing, custom wooden crating and shipping services. Packing Service, Inc.’s professional packing staff all have no less than one year experience providing packing services before they can join our team. Packing Service, Inc. only uses the best quality packing materials as we are a professional packing company whose number one priority is each customer’s happiness with the packing services we provide them. Packing Service, Inc. will never provide low ball estimates that constantly change; we provide only guaranteed flat rate quotes in black and white with no hidden costs, no extra charges and no misunderstandings.

Packing and Loading Professionals, On-Site Pack and Load Services by Packing Service Inc

You can reach Packing Service, Inc. at (888) 722-5774 or you may send us a detailed email anytime to and we will respond with a guaranteed flat rate quote! Our teams of professional Packers and Loaders are ready to assist you with your relocation process regardless of whether you are moving your business, home, or office. If you need boxes packed, furniture wrapped, appliances palletized or machinery crated and shipped worldwide, Packing Service, Inc. has the professional packing and shipping services for you.

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