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Do you have heavy machinery, boxes or furniture you need shipped locally, nationally or internationally? Packing Service, Inc. has been providing Shipping Services and flat rate shipping quotes for over 11 years with a 97% customer approval rating since our opening for business in 2003. No matter what your question or situation, our team of professionals will find the solution that best fits your needs. We pride ourselves on honesty, reliability and professionalism and that is why for 8 years straight we are rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau.


Our shipping services as well as all our moving services are second to none and always performed in the most professional way. Many companies will give you a low ball estimate just to book your job and then when it comes time to pay, you will hear why your price has doubled or even tripled. This unethical behavior is the reason Packing Service, Inc. was formed. We provide onuaranteed flat rate shipping quotes as well as a guaranteed flat rate quotes for every Packing and Moving service we offer. ly guaranteed flat rate shipping quotes as well as a guaranteed flat rate quotes for every Packing and Moving service we offer. Visit our website at and read our customer reviews as well as the free information we provide on moving company scams keeping in mind we are the only shipping services and moving services provider that offers this information. .

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Other companies giving you a hassle telling you your items cannot or will not be shipped the way you agreed upon for one reason or another? Come to the experts at Packing Service, Inc. and we will provide the solutions for any situation you might be facing. At Packing Service, Inc. we truly care and will provide you with white glove service, a one of a kind personalized customer care that will leave you happy you decided to use professionals for your moving and shipping service requirements. Make sure you are provided only Flat Rate Shipping Quotes and not estimates as estimates by their very definition are numbers that can and will always change! If you require packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, palletizing, crating or shipping services; come to the professionals who provide honest straight forward flat rate quotes for every service. Packing Service Inc. is here to help take the burden off your back and relieve any stress and aggravation that may be accompanying your moving and shipping necessities. We are the pros who provide only solutions and flat rate quotes from the start. You can reach us at (888) 722-5774 or you can send us a detailed email describing your specific needs to and we will respond quickly as a professional company should! Contact us today and see for yourself the difference quality customization and care in shipping can make!

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