Before and After Pictures of Shrink Wrap and Palletizing Services

Ever since we opened for business more than a decade ago, the pros at Packing Service, Inc. have done a range of different jobs all over the nation. Our high standards for professionalism have set us apart from our competitors and as a result of this, we have achieved a 97% customer satisfaction rate. We put together some pictures of the way we execute our services as well as where we had to ship the items to sou prospective clients could get a better idea of how we work. PSI is one of the few companies that offers all of our packing, loading, and shipping services under one company-wide umbrella, all with guaranteed flat rat quotes.

Our customers come to Packing Service, Inc. because they know our job is to solve their problems. Packing Service Inc. (PSI) is a professional packing company offering the highest standards in on-site services nationwide. With over 10 years in the business, PSI has become the “Gold Standard” in the professional packing and shipping industry. Some of our specialties are loading and unloading (trucks and containers), custom wooden crate building (crating), and shrink wrap/palletizing services.

Palletizing Boxes and Shipping Services WV-FL with Packing Service, Inc. - 142

PSI offers professional shrink wrap/palletizing services. This client needed to have a stack of boxes shipped across several states, so he did the smart thing- called PSI to have his boxes gathered, strapped, shrink wrapped, palletized and shipped in the fastest way possible!


Wrapping, Palletizing and Shipping Machinery SC-WA  by Packing Service, Inc. - 182

This large and heavy piece of machinery needed to travel all the way from the southern U.S. to the Pacific Northwest! The pros at PSI came to the location, wrapped the equipment in bubblewrap, palletized it, and then shipped it to it’s new location where it arrived safely and on-time.


Wrapping, palletizing and shipping from NY-FL by Packing Service, Inc. - 115

PSI can handle any kind of job. Palletizing and shipping a fragile glass and wood display stand was an easy task for the professionals here. What’s more impressive is that it arrived securely and without delay from it’s cross-country trip.


Palletizing Machinery parts and Shipping Services MO-IN by Packing Service, Inc. - 278

At PSI we solve our customer’s problems. We can asses the load our client needs to have shipped, gather it, palletize it, shrink wrap it, and secure it for shipping in no time at all, and all for one guaranteed flat rate quote!

We can do it all- whether you need to pack your belongings from your old house and unload them at their new destination, build custom wooden crates for a large piece of machinery, shrink wrap and palletize several boxes for international shipping. Our job is to solve our customer’s problems. Call 888-PACK-PSI (888-722-5774) or email for a guaranteed flat rate quote!

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