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To best protect treasured goods through their journey, people have been using protective wooden cases such as crates, barrels, or skids since the beginning of history. Pallets or skids go back to the times of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Mesopotamia at least as far back as the 1st millennium B.C., when cities first developed farming and as result had a surplus of grain that they had to now ship or store. Wooden barrels have also been in use for a very long time as well, being used to transport liquids such as ales, wines, and other spirits all over the world. With modern technology and materials, these simple but dependable inventions have been greatly improved. Pallets are now made form pressure treated lumber or advanced plastic polymers, essentially making them pest-proof and weather-proof. Barrels are still used by a few industries, but shipping liquids now takes place inside of pressurized metal kegs or metal drums. Crates are now custom-built around the item to be shipped with pressure-treated lumber, to resist corrosion and wood-boring insects.

When our customers are faced with either choosing a crate or a pallet, two factors must be considered- their budget and the size/frailness of the item. Crating an item is the “Top-shelf” way to protect and ship your goods. No living creature can bore or claw its way through the solid wooden walls of the crate, much less some would-be thief or petty criminal. The solid lumber construction, thick and long screws, sealed entrances and exits mean that your cargo is sealed from the outside world until it’s ready to be delivered. Pallets on the other hand have an advantage when time and money is of the essence. Your items or boxes are placed on top of a solid wooden pallet, strapped to the pallet using thick binding cords, wrapped to protect against the elements, and then it can be handled by only a pallet jack or fork-lift, ensuring nothing will happen to your cargo.

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