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Moving into a new home can be really exciting if only there was no hassle involved in the loading and moving process! When you hire Packing Service, Inc. for loading and moving services, you are literally saving yourself head and back ache! Our loading and unloading services are so dynamic due to our team of professionals who demonstrate industry expertise and dedication to customer service. Your boxes and furniture are packed ON SITE and placed in an orderly manner according to different rooms and categories. During the packing, all the boxes are labeled and placed in respective boxes so items are easy to identify. These attributes make the process of packing, loading, and unloading a very quick and easy one. Whether its Loading and Unloading PODS Containers and rental trucks, to international or domestic containers and vehicles, PSI professionals will get the job done faster than those other guys and without charging an arm and a leg per hour. That is right, NO hourly charges, NO estimates, and NO misunderstandings. Packing Service, Inc. provides ONLY Flat Rate Quotes Guaranteed!

Packing Service, Inc. provides Packing, Wrapping, Loading, Crating, Palletizing, and Shipping services

Packing Service, Inc. provides Packing, Wrapping, Loading, Crating, Palletizing, and Shipping services

Call Packing Service, Inc. today and receive your FREE Flat Rate Quote. All you need is to provide an inventory list, photos of items to be packed and loaded, and your address(s). A team of seasoned Professional packers will be there to welcome you and your merchandise. Each professional truck loader is highly-trained in loading services with no less than one-year experience and are prepared for any task. As with all our on-site services, they are always included in with our guaranteed nationwide flat rate quote!
Packing Service, Inc. will never provide you with an “estimate” that may or may not fluctuate with hidden costs; we provide only guaranteed flat rate quotes for all of our unloading and loading services. Do not settle for just any truck loader or load service company; you want the most professional and honest loading services, a company that is reliable, honest and that provides you with guaranteed flat rate quotes beginning to end!

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Call or email Packing Service, Inc. today for any or all of our on-site services nationwide and receive your own personalized guaranteed flat rate quote!

With our company there are no hidden costs, no extra charges, no misunderstandings and no time charges. Just Professionals with Flat Rate Quotes, call for a flat rate quote today: 888-722-5774.



What if I have multiple trucks?

That is fine! We can provide the service to a single truck or container, or several. Simply let us know what you need and we will get the job done!

I live on the 19th floor, would I be charged for the floor I live on? You would need to use service elevator. I would be interested in packing and someone moving me to a lower floor in my building.

Yes we can pack your home and move you to a lower floor within the building. You will not be charged for the floor you live on nor the elevator use. We do issue excess charges, we do not charge hourly, we only provide your Guaranteed Flat Rate Quote.




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