Moving or Shipping Internationally? Use PSI’s International Crating and Palletizing Solutions!

Are you planning an international move, or have an important shipment that must be delivered overseas? Need a reliable company that’s experienced in packing and shipping all kinds of objects under all kinds of schedules? Packing Service, Inc. has one sole mission- to solve our customer’s problems. We are capable of constructing a custom crate for an item of any shape or size to be delivered to any country anywhere in the world. We can also palletize any number of items and shrink wrap for shipping both nationwide and internationally. Best of all, our professional white-glove services are provided on-site.

Choosing wood crates and pallets for you shipping needs is a good start to ensure your products arrive safely.

  • They’re Durable- If you want to ship something in a safe manner, void of any damage, wood crates and pallets should be your choice.
  • They’re Moisture Proof- Shipping something that is prone to water damage is nerve-wracking. Water is pesky and can seep through the tiniest of crevices. Usually not a good mix for shipping products. This, however, can be avoided by making sure you have moisture proof crates and properly shrink wrap your load.
  • They’re Space Efficient- Would you rather have a neatly organized, pleasant stack of square boxes or a pile of oblong shaped objects falling over each other? Organizing the crates prevents them from moving around too much. Movement often causes damage. Pallets can only be moved by forklift or pallet-jack.
  • They’re Resistant to Corrosion and Insects- Corrosion tends to break down certain elements over time, but not these crates. Due to the possibility to face all kinds of extreme temperatures, make sure your crates are treated to resist corrosion. Also, don’t forget about insects. It seems like a losing battle, but there is a way to stop nasty, wood boring insects from destroying your cargo. PSI only uses wood that is resistant to termites.
Palletizing Boxes and Shipping Services from Miami, FL to South America with Packing Service, Inc. A

Palletizing your cargo for international shipping is easy when you choose PSI. Assessing and gathering the shipment, wrapping it in both paper padding and shrink wrap, and then strapping the load to the pallet can all be done on-site to save you time and money.

Custom wooden Crates and Shipping Services TX-CANADA with Packing Service, Inc. B

PSI will build a custom crate for your shipment and can then load it into the container of your choice. This particular customer had to pack and ship our custom crate from southern Texas all the way to the cold regions of Canada!

Crating AC Unit and International Shipping NY-COLOMBIA 4

Building a custom crate for large and delicate equipment is no challenge for the pros at PSI. This hefty AC unit was crated and shipped across the continent from the state of NY to it’s destination in Colombia.

Always specify if you require international or domestic crating or palletizing as the wood used will have to be heat treated for international shipping. Whether you are shipping industrial equipment, machinery, furniture or boxes; the professionals at PSI will build a custom wood crate designed specifically for your item(s). The wooden boxes we design are made of quality lumber and built strong to ensure the most optimal level of protection for your valuables.

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