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Here at Packing Service, Inc. we know how stressful packing and moving can be, particularly when you are on a deadline. People that have lived in one place for a while tend to amass a large quantity of items and it can be difficult for a single person or a family to get everything packed safely. Thankfully, a Packing Company exists that offers professional services backed by a flat rate quote. Packing Service, Inc. provides packing services delivered by trained personnel with more than one year of experience in the industry. Our employees are professionals who know all about the rigors of packing and moving so your valuables are in good hands.

Loading 40 foot international container with car PA-Mexico with Packing Service, Inc DWhen contacting our packing company for a quote, be aware that we ask for a list of items or a picture, just so that we know how many supplies the job will take. Other companies that specialize in Packing and Moving offer vague estimates and then, once the job is completed, the actual price is more than double the initial amount. Packing Service, Inc. believes our packing services should be backed by a flat rate quote so customers aren’t blindsided by a sizeable bill. Packing and moving is stressful enough without having to add a moving company with shady business practices or amateur employees. Best to place your trust in a professional packing company with a proven track record.

Packing Boxes new, antique or fragile, Wrapping all kinds of furniture Packing Service, Inc. - 101Once we have an itemized list with all of your valuables on it, along with your flat rate quote, we can dispatch our professionals to your location. Our Packing Services are specialized to make sure all of your items get to your desired destination safely. Items are divided into categories and packed in a specific way to make them easier to handle. Whether its fragile items like glassware or fine china, heavy items like books, or bulky items like furniture, our packing services ensure that they all sorted and packed with the utmost care. Packing Service, Inc. is the only packing company devoted to customer satisfaction.


Do you work with insurance companies?

Yes, your goods are insured at a rate of $0.60 per pound. However, if you need a higher insurance rate, feel free to let us know before you request a flat rate quote and we will be happy to provide the necessary coverage.

Do you have a minimum or maximum size job?

No, we have no minimum or maximum sizes for our jobs. You can enjoy our professional moving services if you have a massive office that is relocating to a new state across the country or if have a small studio apartment that you need packed and moved across town.


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