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Packing Service, Inc. was opened in 2003 to help people that do not know anything about Moving Company Scams and we are here to educate you with our knowledge for FREE. We will help you save time, money and make it less stressful when you move. Packing Service, Inc. is unlike any other moving and shipping company, as we are a team of professionals specialized in both services. We do not have any limits and we do not charge by the hour. PSI bridges the Gap between Moving and Shipping, removing all hassles, misunderstandings, and limits between you and your perfect move!

The Hard Truth
The Moving and Shipping companies will ask you for a list of items that you have to move. They will want you to underestimate the number of items you have so they can and will charge you more for the extra cubic feet. It will be very hard for you to know how many boxes you will have until you are done packing your belongings, so when they come to move you and see that you have more things, then everything starts to fall apart.

Most moving companies will not tell you that after they load your items at your old location, they unload them into their warehouse, and when they are ready with a few more jobs going to your state, they will load your items on to the truck that will take them to your new place. They may even sell your job to another carrier to take your items to your new location. Their employees are hired with no experience, they do not know how to pack/unpack, or even how to load/unload a truck in a professional way. A lot of companies use Labor Ready guys that do not know anything about the Moving business.

The Facts

  •  BBB Member since 2007 Rated A+ for over 10 years experience with 97% customer satisfaction rate
  • Domestic and International Services
  • On Site, Full Service
  • Guaranteed Flat Rate Quotes
  • One Stop Shop
  • No Estimates! No charges per hour! No excess feeds!
  • We provide free information on “How To Avoid Moving Scams”
  • We do not have any limits!

Call us now to get a Quick Guaranteed Flat Rate Quote with no hidden costs, no extra charges and no misunderstandings whatsoever and let us help you solve your needs in as little as 60 seconds 888-722-5774, or E-mail us your information with sizes, weight, list of items, zip code, name and your phone number to Info@PackingServiceInc.com

Packing Service, Inc. provides palletizing, custom wooden crating, and other shipping methods Internationally!

Packing Service, Inc. provides palletizing, custom wooden crating, and other shipping methods Internationally!


What are some of those hidden costs of moving scams?

They charge by Cubic Feet or by the amount of Weight, and Packing Materials needed:

Cubic Feet: Cubic feet means by space: the more space your items take up in their truck the more money you will pay.

Weight: The companies will weight the truck before they show up at your doorstep, to know the weight before placing your items inside. After your items are loaded, they will go back to weight the truck again. This will determine the difference in weight and ultimately how much you will end up paying.

Packing: When it comes to a long distance shipping, the company will charge for the packing and shipping materials used and not for their time.


What fees could be added on to my estimate?

Charges for extra Cubic Feet, Packing, Long Carrie, Stairs, and Elevator charges:

Cubic Feet: More items, more space and more money.

Packing: For every item that the moving company will pack or wrap, you will pay for the packing and materials and know that their prices are outrageous.

Long Carrie: If the truck is more then 50 feet away from your doorstep, there will be a charge of $50-$150.00 per 50 feet.

Stairs: If you live on the 2nd floor, or you have a flight of stairs in your home, there will be a charge of $50-$150.00 per flight of stairs.

If you have an elevator that needs to be used to get to your home, there will be a charge of $50-$150.00, one time fee.


About Packing Service Inc

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