Don’t Choose Cheap, Choose Smart!

Our team at Packing Service, Inc. believes in quality work, sometimes this is not the least expensive option. If you are the consumer who shops around for the lowest, cheapest rate possible, we encourage you to reconsider your pursuits. Often, moving and shipping companies will allude a low estimate to bind you to their contract. Once you sign, they can double the price (and often do!). This contract you’ve signed allows the moving and shipping company to have full control over your belongings as well as the right to withhold them from you if you do not pay. That’s right! So if there was to be any discrepancy, problem regarding your merchandise, or fluctuation in the estimate, your anticipated service provider would not be responsible and you would be left with the headache or exponential payment. Click here to find out more information about Movers Rights (FMCSA).

Don’t Choose Cheap, Choose Smart! Do your research, read your contracts, ask questions! Or simply, call us! At Packing Service, Inc. we pride ourselves in being one of the only Moving & Shipping Combined Companies defending the public from moving scams and other unethical practices. We provide free information on our website of how to protect oneself from moving company scams. Our mission is to meet the needs for domestic and International Shipping/moving for individual or commercial industrial use. If you are shipping high-value items such as personal effects, commercial equipment or machinery, our skilled packers and craters will custom build wooden crates designed exactly for your items. Our made-to-Measure crates provide the best protection possible for all your shipping needs.

Unlike those other guys, this is affordable moving “done right”, and when you see our moving and shipping quotes, you’ll know that we provide affordable guaranteed flat rate quotes that are hard to beat. We don’t give quotes based on hours, but rather the job in its entirety. This way you know what you’ll pay upfront with no extra charges whatsoever. When you hire us, you will rest assured knowing that your belongings are handled with care.

Are you purchasing new furniture, shipping machines or equipment? Let Packing Service, Inc. pickup your new items directly from the warehouse and ship them straight to your desired location. PSI has affordable solutions to fit any company’s shipping requirements. If your company needs boxes transported from one location to another, PSI will provide you with the easiest shipping solutions. If you need help with furniture shipping, the quality and professionalism of Packing Service, Inc.’s shipping services will leave you smiling. If you want a stress-free, competitive Flat Rate Quote for your Shipping Services Nationwide; you need to use Packing Service, Inc. for all of your packing and shipping service requirements. We’re indexproud to be an industry leader, and you’ll see our professionalism and dedication in the work we perform. We’re timely, efficient and offer the best prices in the industry. We stand head and shoulders above the crowd of moving companies because our company employs only honest professional packers with integrity, character and the strongest work ethic!

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