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Packing Service, Inc. knows that moving to a new house places a strain on customers. Taking all of the items that made your house a home and transporting them to a new location is stressful and it all too often ends in tragedy for that favorite vase or the furniture given to you by your grandparents. Why stress out about family members or amateur movers damaging your valuables when Packing Service, Inc. provides services like palletizing furniture for your big move? The professionals at Packing Service, Inc. are experts at Palletizing your valuables which ensures that they arrive at your new home safely and securely. Packing Service, Inc. has been the premier palletizing company since 2003. We boast an incredible 97% customer satisfaction rating so who better to trust for palletizing furniture than us?

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Palletizing your items for your move offers a wealth of benefits for both the customer and the Palletizing Company. When items are palletized, they are placed on a wooden pallet, which acts as a base, and they are tied securely then shrink-wrapped. Palletizing Furniture protects it from exposure so things like cabinets or tables made out of wood aren’t damaged during transit. Furniture and bulky boxes are easier to transport and Packing Service, Inc. is the only palletizing company that ensures your goods are handled with pallet jacks or forklifts. Your items are also marked “non-stackable” so that your valuable goods aren’t subjected to additional stress during transit.

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Palletizing is one of the safest way to transport your goods to a new home. Packing Service, Inc. is the only palletizing company that will provide “White Glove” services on-site. Our employees have at least one year of experience in the palletizing profession. Whether its Palletizing Furniture, packing boxes, or loading and unloading, Packing Service, Inc. is your one stop shop for all of your moving needs. We also ship both domestically and internationally. Simply visit or call 888-722-5774 for a Free Flat Rate Quote.


Why do you need me to send in pictures or a list of my items before I can get a flat rate quote?

We always ask that our customers send in pictures and/or a list of items to be palletized so that our quotes are accurate. Once we have an idea of how many materials we need or how much time the job will take then we can generate a flat rate quote that won’t change.

What’s the difference between a flat rate quote and an estimate? What’s included in the flat rate quote?

An estimate is a random price that is used to entice a customer to sign a contract. Once the contract is signed, moving companies have a slew of shady tricks to increase the actual cost of the job. A flat rate quote is a price that won’t change during a job.

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