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Antiques depict the taste and patience of the collector toward them. But when it comes to relocating these timeless items, it becomes very stressful for the owner. There is a considerable fear of loss and/or damages upon items undergoing the rigors of transport. In some cases, owners of expensive antiques consider sale over transporting to avoid the headache of unreliable shipping from place to place. At Packing Service, Inc. we understand your apprehension and it is our goal to eliminate any sacrifices or worry that our customers may have. Packing Service, Inc. believes in moving made easy, providing white glove Moving and Shipping services worldwide.  No matter the size, weight, or item – Packing Service, Inc. will provide you a tension free and loss free moving and shipping experience because your valued items are as equally precious to us.

Commercial and Business Merchandise

Packing Service, Inc. is not limited by any means as we have serviced whole antique shops, businesses, art galleries, museums, art workshops, craft shops and more! Your items are not only packed and wrapped, but they are also placed into custom build wooden boxes we design ON SITE. These crates are made of quality lumber and built strong to ensure the optimal level of protection for your valuables. Thus, if you have antique furniture that needs to be shipped domestic or international; our furniture crates are perfectly suited and customized to transport even the most delicate of valuables.

Custom Wooden Crating

Perhaps you are an artist who wishes to ship your paintings, statues, or other art pieces to an exhibition place, PSI will easily be at your disposal for handling all the items carefully and unpacking them to the required place carefully. Possibly you’re a collector, solely interested in the safe delivery of your items as you receive, from International shipping, vintage merchandise; Packing Service, Inc. utilizes a variety of protective custom crating options including:

Wooden Crates and Wooden Boxes
Box Crating
Commercial Crates
Residential Crating
Industrial Crates
Domestic Crating
International Crates
Re-usable Crates
Knock-down Crates
Display Crates
Computer Crates
Electronics Crates
IT Equipment Crates
Moving Crates
Furniture Crates
Museum Quality Crates
Art Crates
Antique Crates
Off site Crating
On site Crating
Custom Built Crates
Sculpture Transport Crates
Floating Crates
Heavy Machine Crates
Animal Transport Crates
Palletizing Crates

Technique and Assessment

Firstly the detail of all merchandise is accounted for upon an inventory list our PSI specialists will request from you.  Once we receive your inventory, your Guaranteed Flat Rate Quote will be generated and sent to you for review. No more hassles, no more misunderstandings, Packing Service, Inc. is moving made easy! Our experienced professionals will arrive on-site and build custom wooden boxes around your items right before your very eyes. Whether we are preparing custom wooden boxes for industrial equipment, machinery or furniture; PSI will accomplish this task in a fraction of the time it will take those other guys. The level of professionalism and respect we demonstrate to our customers will leave you beyond satisfied.

Residential and Domestic Shipping

Packing Service, Inc. (PSI) goes above and beyond to remove all of the stress from your big move. We are the most professional packing, Crating and Shipping Company in the nation, offering several different moving and shipping services options ranging from shipping boxes and household goods to shipping machinery and equipment. Packing Service, Inc. will always guarantee a flat rate quote no matter what your shipping needs are!index

With our Shipping Services there are No Hidden Costs, No Extra Charges, No Misunderstandings and No Time Charges. Professionals with Flat Rate Quotes Only, call for a flat rate quote today: 888-722-5774.


Do you transport cars?

Absolutely! We can do everything no limits!

How do I know your company isn’t a scam?

Do the research yourself! If you’re worried about scams check out the reviews for your companies of interest on

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