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One of the reasons some people get so frustrated trying to hire packing and shipping companies to plan their move is because they do not know the moving industry’s language. When someone talks with a shipping company or attempts to read a document they need signed, they will likely be faced with a few terms that they simply are not familiar with. There are many differences between Packing Service Inc. and other shipping companies, such as our stellar customer satisfaction rate and the professional way we secure every shipment. However, the two most important differences between most moving companies and Packing Service Inc. is the way our customers are charged for our services.  While other moving companies will give their customers estimates, PSI only gives their customers flat rate quotes.

Estimates are extremely common because they at first prices seem low and enticing. You will hear this term used by nearly every business in the industry. An estimate is a price provided based on a few different factors, but it is subject to change. There is nothing concrete about an estimate. Although having one could be helpful in budgeting for your move, you always have to be prepared to pay more. Estimates are often given over a phone, so the mover does not know how many heavy or bulky items you have, or that you live on the 20th floor of a high-rise building unless you tell them. This is how moving companies make their money- they give their customers low prices, who then agree to the move, and then get charged 2x or 3x the original price. Don’t fall for this bait and switch.


Quotes are different than estimates. Most people get quotes and estimates confused, and some are even under the impression that they are the same thing. While an estimate is based on a guess, a quote is a fixed price offer. Once accepted, this price will not change. A flat rate quote is the price of your entire move, regardless of speed bumps along the way. If it ends up taking five hours to get your piano out the door because the door frame needs to be removed, and then there are complications getting in the elevator, it is not your problem. You will pay the same price whether it takes one hour or all day.

Savvy customers know that choosing a flat-rate quote will save them money in the end because no matter what happens during the move, their price will not change. Packing Service Inc. is a unique one-stop-shop that offers every single one of our services with guaranteed flat rate quotes. Doesn’t matter if you’re moving a small delicate object to another city or large industrial equipment to another continent- we only give our customers flat rate quotes. Thanks to our guaranteed quotes our clients enjoy added peace of mind knowing that no matter how difficult or tricky their situations are PSI can always solve our customer’s problems. Call or email us for a guaranteed flat rate quote- 888-722-5774, info@packingserviceinc.com

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