Packing Glass, Chinaware, and Fragile Kitchenware with a Reliable Packing Company

Our Package Services consist of any service that requires our expert packers to Pack and Wrap your items to protect during the rigors of shipping or moving of any kind. This includes packing boxes, wrapping furniture, machine packing, shrink wrapping, packaging pictures and mirrors, wrapping antiques, packaging crystals and fine china to packaging any customer item to ensure its safety while in transit. Regardless of the particular package services you require, we will never provide an estimate that changes or fluctuates; our Packing Company only issues guaranteed flat rate quotes nationwide!

Professional Custom Crating Team will pack and wrap your Chandelier or Fragile Item then build a custom wooden crate around it for Shipping

Our Professional Custom Crating Team will arrive On Site to pack and wrap your Chandelier or Fragile Item(s) then build a custom wooden crate around it for Shipping!

As a leading nationwide packing company, Packing Service Inc. provides the best customer service and materials. We use only professional packers to pack and wrap pictures, using bubble-wrap for extra protection; valuable pieces may need to be professionally crated by us, all at a flat rate. Estimating how many boxes will be needed while packing your valuables will vary from packing to crating. This will depend upon what is to be packed and how it will be packed. The ease of access to the pickup and destination address is also a factor. However, you will always receive our guaranteed flat rate per box. on all package services.

China and Glassware are packed using only double-thick china packing boxes and are wrapped with unprinted white paper. We take the utmost care of your china and glassware during the pack and wrap, even unwrap process. We use the optimally-suited wrapping for your items preventing any form of discoloration or damage to your valuables. Beware of other packaging services that will pack your items with regular newspaper as this will stain your china and glassware. Again, our packing company always treat our customer’s property as if it was our own!

Plates and Saucers are also wrapped individually with unprinted paper; they are packed in packing boxes standing upright or laying down with plenty of paper so as to further avoid risk of damage.

Bowls are wrapped individually and then they are stacked together from 2 to 6 pieces, wrapped again and packed standing upright in packing boxes.

Cups and Glassware are wrapped by the handles in paper, then are wrapped entirely and are packed in packing boxes with all handles lined up for additional safety during packing and unpacking of the Pods Container or rental truck.

Stemware is wrapped with white packaging paper and then placed in china or liquor boxes with dividers. Glasses are individually-wrapped and packed upside down in the box, to ensure security during the pack and wrap, then loading process.

When it comes time to move across the state, across the country or even around the world; remember the professional pack and load team at Packing Service, Inc. has the experience and professionalism to give you the service that you deserve for your hard-earned money. For international moves our export packers are the best in the business at safeguarding your belongings as well as loading them into international containers in the most safe, effective and efficient way possible. We will wrap, pad, bubble wrap and shrink wrap every last item necessary to make your move as stress free as possible.

Our packing services are not only provided by guaranteed flat rate quotes but are provided by the most professional, honest and reliable people in the industry. Packing Service, Inc. is the packing company that brings integrity and professionalism back to the moving services industry by providing that white-glove service you would expect from a professional packing company.


Mirrors, Portraits, and even Sculptures can be wrapped, crated, and shipped Domestic or International with Packing Service, Inc.

With our company there are no hidden costs, no extra charges, no misunderstandings and no time charges. Just Professionals with Flat Rate Quotes, call for a flat rate quote today: 888-722-5774.


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