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You have the power to make your next move the best or the worst. You could have unprofessional people claim that they’ll pack and palletize your stuff no problem, only to find your belongings damaged or chipped. You can rely on people that say they are professional and experienced, only for them to talk to you as if it’s the first job they’ve ever got. What you need is a company that knows how to move- especially in style.Packing Service, Inc. is the #1 packing company with stellar palletizing services. With us, it doesn’t matter if you’re going far or close, as offer international shipping for items big and small.  Let’s make your move the best.

Pack and Palletize, Palletizing Services, Packing and Palletizing by Packing Service IncOur professional movers are expertly trained to pack and palletize your stuff on-site for expeditious shipping. New POD containers and sleek rental trucks send all of your valuables to their rightful destination. Either packed or wrapped, we store your items in a way that they can never be damaged as they make the trip. We pride ourselves on our palletizing services, having a system that has never failed since our start in 2003. We tackle each of your items in very different ways. As an illustration, large items and furniture are wrapped in premium paper and shrink wrap in POD containers. Saucers and fine china, on the other hand, are wrapped individually as they are packed into boxes with extra white paper.


Professionalism and care are the tenants that Packing Service, Inc. lives up to with each job we tackle. It’s this resolve that got us our 97% customer satisfaction rating ever since 2007. From Brooklyn to Germany, Florida to Europe, or Texas to China – international shipping covers all of your belongs for the long ride ahead. Let us take care of all your moving needs.

The rest pales to the best – that’s what earned us our A+ rating for the Better Business Bureau for 11 years. International shipping from across the world will get your stuff far. No matter where they go, we ensure that they stay safe and sound with staggering palletizing services. We are the professionals to count on for any move. We want to work with you to make this next move the best. Pack and palletize your stuff with the best.

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