3 most important things to know when packing

Wrapping Crating and Shipping Domestic and International

Wrapping Crating and Shipping Domestic and International by Packing Service, Inc.

Pulling out your hair trying to do an enormous job moving your house? Or maybe you’re trying to get rid of that old china cabinet. Whatever it may be, here are three tips that can save you countless hours.


Packing yourself can be hard. Tons of bubble wrap, shipping internationally, not knowing costs. All this can be a hassle especially when you need to move that antique family portrait to moving your fridge. Whatever the case may be its all about time.

It gets better/worse:

Sometimes shipping is delayed or things get broken, and nobody wants that. That’s why if you have a big move, contacting a professional packing service can save your time and your back. Years of experience they know exactly how to pack and crate your prized possessions with the utmost care.

You might be wondering:

But what’s the cost? How will I know how much packing a toaster is? All valid questions and depending on which Packing Service you call they will give you a Flat Rate Quote. What about those hidden fees though? Nope, their flats rate means no hidden fees at all. They will take care of the Shipping Domestically and even internationally with professional care.

To reiterate:

Using a Professional Packing Service helps take care of all your delicate items. Knowing a flat rate quote can save you time and money when dealing domestically and especially shipping internationally.

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