5 Things You Must Do Before You Move into a New House

Congratulations on your big move to your new home! We are here to get you ready as you draw out plans for the big move. There are steps you must take to ensure to secure your new space and have a smooth, seamless movement. Check them out!

  1. Replace the Locks

After you must have secured your new home and sealed the deal with your real estate managers, your next move should be to protect the space.

Before paying for your home, the previous owners, realtors, and the maintenance team could access the area.  Now that space is yours, it is only right you protect it by replacing the old locks with brand new locks.

You should do this even before you bring your packing boxes over. Door locks are very easy to replace. Get new locks and have a locksmith change them for you.

  1. Clean the House

Although it’s not compulsory, the previous owners of your new home may have cleaned it up before vacating the space. However, you should make arrangements to clean up your home before you get the moving boxes or packers and loaders.

If you are not up to the task, you can have professional cleaning services take care of the job for you.

For new homes with no previous owners, you may not need to carry out intensive cleaning to put the space in other. You can take out time to dust the space. Grab a couple of buckets, brooms, and liquid cleaners and have fun cleaning out your new home.

  1. Gave Your New Home a Facelift

This is usually done by the realtors before they sell or rent out space. If, however, you are not satisfied with the surfaces of the interior paintings of your home, then you have to take charge and give your new space, the desired facelift.

The advantage of cleaning out space yourself is that you would have ample time to inspect the surfaces of the walls and ceilings and figure out what to do with them.

  1. Service the Mechanical Equipments

When you are done with cleaning and painting your new space, your next step should be to check on the mechanical systems of your home and see if they are all functional.

You may have gone through this with your realtor, but it is crucial you check again before you bring in your packing boxes. Check the cooling and heating systems and see if you need to service them still.

  1. Get a Professional Packing Company

You can either decide to hire cheap packers and loaders to move your items to your new home or get a professional packing company to handle the entire process.

However, a reliable packing company will save you a whole lot of stresses as you don’t have to inspect them regularly. They are equipped with well-trained packers and loaders capable of carefully transferring your items to the new house.

Your choice of packing company should, however, have the right experience, equipment, and insurance cover.

Summing It Up

Here are all you need to know before you set out to move to your new home. Remember to get a professional packing company for a smooth and seamless move. Good luck!

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