5 Top Tips for Choosing a Cargo Shipping Company

Are you about to ship your cargo abroad and want to get the best out of your choice cargo loading service provider? Join us as we take you through five great tips for choosing a cargo shipping company.

  1. Check for the Best Cargo Loading Services

Cargo companies offer different cargo loading services for different business models. Your first step is to find a company that provides loading services perfect for your business. They are three types of loading services:

Warehouse Loading

The warehouse loading option offers you the opportunity to sign a flat rate pallet shipping contract with a cargo company and have them load your items into a container from your warehouse and ship them at a pallet shipping cost.

Live Load

Here, the cargo company brings the loading container to your house or place of business. You will be in charge of palletizing and crating all your items and load them into the container yourself.

You are usually given a specific amount of time to carry out the palletizing and crating yourself before the container goes back to the port and shipped to its destination. This service offers you a flat rate pallet shipping cost but with very little time to pack.

Drop and Pull

The drop and pull option has a high pallet shipping cost but is appropriate if you want to handle the palletizing and crating process carefully. The cargo company drops off the loading container at your home after you agree on a flat rate pallet shipping cost.

You will have ample time to pack and load the container before the cargo company returns to take it away.

  1. Capacity and Size of Various Containers

Before you settle for a cargo company, you must check out their container options to see if it’s a good fit for the size of the items you intend to ship. Most cargo loading companies offer regular container sizes of 20’ or 40’ containers.

These sizes are suitable for vehicles and household goods. They are temperature controlled containers known as the “reefers” for perishable shipping items.

  1. Cargo Tracking Equipment

After you must have agreed to a pallet shipping cost, you should ask good questions about the tracking tools available to you, the customer. With modern day technology, it’s possible to track your shipment online or receive regular email updates on the location of your delivery.

  1. Regulations and Standards of the Industry

Before you make the final arrangements with any cargo company, you have to ensure that your choice company meets with the industrial standards for shipping overseas. Your preferred company must strictly comply with the laws and regulation set by the country receiving your items and your country sending them.

Your preferred company should have agents and offices in your destination country to help you receive your goods when it arrives before you go and claim it.

  1. Good Records

Your cargo company should be able to provide a good history of the movement of your items when it’s essential. You should see to it that every procedure, from packaging to delivery, is correctly documented.

 Final Words

Before you settle for any cargo company, it is advised you carry out extensive research on your options to get good value for your money.

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