Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Business When You Ship Abroad

Shipping products abroad is an expected part of every production business. However, they are very costly mistakes that could undermine this process and cause you to procure extra costs like customs and shipping fees.

In this educative piece, we are going to help you, so you don’t have to learn the hard way and incur plenty of complaints from customers, lose business time and money. Check out some international shipping mistakes and ways to avoid them when you ship your products abroad.

  1. Bad Labeling

Incorrect labeling like mistakes in the shipping address can delay the delivery of your packages and subsequently increase the shipping fee. Before you crate and ship any product abroad, you should set up a system that verifies the address on all your packages.

Your packages should also contain extra information like the home country, exact information on the content of the box, and notification if there is any hazardous material contained in the package.

To avoid this mistake, you should get a shipping company whose shipping services cover all labeling requirements. A professional shipping company should be able to advise you on the appropriate labeling procedures effectively, so you don’t end up making any mistake.

Also, your shipping company should advise you on the labeling requirements that meet the standards of your destination country, so your package doesn’t get stalked at the customs department of your destination country.

  1. Using the Wrong Shipping Services

They are various international shipping services for different businesses. If you end up with shipping company that has not mastered your line of business, you may end up wasting your time and resources on such product. So, before you opt for the shipping services offered by a vendor, be sure to carry out thorough research about the professional shipping companies in your line of business.

Professional shipping companies that work within a specific region will hasten the delivery of your products to your customers. Your preferred shipping company must have a realistic strategy to safely move your products to your customers within the stipulated delivery time without losing the product or breaking any custom regulation of your destination country.

To pick out the right shipping services provider from a pool of professional shipping companies, you can look at the reviews from previous customers, their number of years in the business, the number of successful transaction executed by the company and their workforce. Your preferred shipping company must also have an existing office in your destination country for active tracking by your customers.

Third-Party Shipping Agencies
Many businesses crate and ship their products using a shipping company that doesn’t actually ship these products themselves. These companies use other cheaper shipping vendors that are slow and usually less-effective to complete the transactions, making a profit off you and causing troubles for your business.

Before you ship your products abroad, ensure you make use of the services of professional shipping companies known to do the shipping themselves. Ask questions about the delivery date and get the company to guarantee the delivery method used for your products.

To avoid using the shipping services of third-party agencies, you can carry out extensive research on the shipping company you intend to use before you crate and ship your goods.

Final Words

Avoid these mistakes and ship your products successfully to your expectant customers without any mishap. Hire the services of a professional shipping company today and have no regrets!

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