Things to know about Packing and Shipping

At some point in life, we all need the service of a shipping company to move some packages from one point to another or perhaps send some gift to our loved ones. The fear that it could get damaged if a reputable shipping company does not handle the service is real and demands that it should be prevented. Nothing is as joyous as meeting a sent package or gift which is still intact. The value does not diminish. No wonder the big brands make use of reputable packing company for packing and shipping their products.

In some cases, this is not always obtainable as the packages might have been crumbled. Additionally, you might need to send a heavy package. The reason to use a reputable and trustworthy packing company is inexhaustible.

However, you deserve to have handy knowledge about packing and shipping. Here are a few tips to guide you.

  • Remove Old Used Labels.

The old used label contains barcodes which are used by shipping companies to code shipping addresses of the customers. Although reusing the boxes to transport package is economical and help to reduce cost, it could also cause confusion and possibly a displacement of packages. It is advisable that you remove the old labels that are present on the packing company boxes.

In addition, the old label could slow down the pace at which you get your packages delivered which could affect your plan. This could also be termed evidence of an uncared attitude and could even make the boxes rough. With just a few minutes of your time dedicated to removing the old label, you might be saving yourself from future stress (if at all, there is any).

  • Use The H-Tape Method.

There are several methods of boxing a package and making it safe for delivery no matter the duration of time it would pass before getting to the desired destination. However, in all of these, the H-Tape method is the best and it is for a definite reason. Boxes used to transport packages container seams which are potential openings through which the package could be removed, however, since it is to be transported, it is pertinent to ensure that all these seams are closed. The H-Tape method ensures that all the seams are closed and in addition, neatly done.

Perhaps, you are thinking what if it is an irregular shape? The concept used for the H-Tape packing can still be maintained such that all seems are closed neatly with the sealing tape.

  • Don’t Assume, Check Shipping Schedule

 Nobody loves to be disappointed, not even the most loyal customers. Surprisingly, the disappointment might be caused by a few unchecked information. However, it can be avoided since prompt delivery strengthens trust and tighten the business relationship. Checking out for the schedules would go a long way to ensure that you get the best from the shipping company. Checking out for holidays both local and international could cause some additional stress of calculating the delivery time although tracking devices now abound to solve any issue that might arise from packing and shipping.

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