Quick Ways to Spot Unreliable Shipping Company

With the number of fraudulent shipping agencies operating in the market today, it is only wise that you carry out good research before trusting the fate of your business to a total stranger that may ruin things for you.

If you run a business that demands that you constantly ship to customers abroad, you would understand how important it is to keep to deadline and meet up with the requirements of your business partners.

To save you from falling victim to unreliable shipping agents, we are taking you through some of the quick ways to spot a fraudulent shipping company and how you can avoid dealing with them.

1. License to Operate

The easiest way to spot a fake shipping agency is by going through the list of licensed agencies in your bay to find out if the agency’s claim of being licensed is through. Must fraudulent shipping companies offer ridiculous palletizing and crating charges just to hoodwink unsuspecting clients.

Thus, before you discuss the Palletizing and Crating fee for your goods, check if such shipping company is duly registered to the appropriate regulatory body.

Palletizing and Crating, shipping company, pack and ship

Palletizing and Crating, shipping company, pack and ship

2. Insurance

This is the second and most important factor you must consider while choosing a reliable shipping company is the insurance status of such company. Most fake companies will agree to pack and ship your items without any solid insurance backing, thus leaving you’re at the mercy of whatever happens to your item.

With the numerous risks associated with shipping abroad, you can’t afford to trust your business with a shipping company that doesn’t offer a comprehensive insurance.

3. How They Operate

If you are not too carried away by cheaper cost of palletizing and crating your items, you can quickly spot the inconsistency and shady mode of operation used by fraudulent shipping agencies.

A Reliable Shipping Company uses air freight, ship or truck to deliver their consignments. Thus, these methods give you various options of sending your products to clients across the globe.

Depending on the items you ship, you can either use the much faster air transportation or ship freight. A scandalous company will not come clean with the method they intend to use to move your items. That’s a pointer that you should watch out for and not deal with them.

4. Package Plan for Different Products

Another important issue you must discuss with a prospective shipping agency is how they intend to pack and ship your items abroad.

Fraudulent shipping companies will probably not make provisions for perishable items or even advice you on the nature of packing materials you should get to ensure your items get to it’s destination without any issues.

A reliable shipping company should have a package plan for all kinds of items before they Pack and Ship them abroad. Find out how they plan on handling dangerous and fragile products before you strike a deal with them.

Final Word

The following tips will save you from being scammed by fraudulent shipping companies. Always lookout for a reliable shipping company to help you handle your business and save yourself the stress of losing time and money to scammers. Good luck!

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