Moving 101- Tips from the Pros

Why is moving to a new home such a stressful event? Some researchers state that moving is one of the most stressful events to occur in a human being’s life. There are many factors that involved that collude with each other to make each effect more powerful. These are things like-Financial strain, a tight budget, and stress from your family and career. In addition, leaving friends and loved ones behind also adds to the stress.

Moving out is not only difficult, but also costly, laborious, and stressful all at once. There are many things one can do to prepare for this event.


1)   Telling the Family

Warning your kids or family about the move is neither expensive nor time consuming, so it should be an easy task to do. Ample time to pack and say goodbye to friends can also make the move easier on kids.


2)   Finding a New Place to Live

This should be one of your top priorities. It’s very important that you have your new living space ready for you to move in by the time you leave your home. In addition, searching for a new home can be an extremely time-consuming task, especially if you are moving to an area you are not familiar with. We recommend that you visit your new city a couple of months before the move to get a bit more familiar.

Finding trustworthy movers requires careful research and meticulous attention to the details, but it’s worth the efforts – your relocation will be successful and completely stress-free when handled by experienced professionals.


3)   Organizing Your Belongings

Cleaning out the storage areas and decluttering your home may be quite a difficult task, but you need to get down to it before your move for a couple of reasons:

*The fewer items you relocate, the less you will pay (the final moving costs depend on the total weight of your shipment);

*The better organized your belongings are, the easier it will be to unpack them and arrange your new home.


4)   Packing Safely

Without a doubt, ensuring the safety of your belongings will be among your primary concerns when moving to a new home. Hiring experienced professionals to handle your household items and personal possessions is the first step to a safe and trouble-free shipment. Proper packing is the other essential requirement for keeping your belongings intact during the moving procedures.

A professional packing and shipping company can pack fragile items, pack furniture kitchen appliances, electronics, books, clothes, valuables and any other item you wish to take on your move. Packing up your entire household is quite a laborious task indeed, but you can always leave it to a professional packing company to give you peace of mind.

Packing and loading dozens of boxes can be quite a monumental task!

Packing and loading dozens of boxes can be quite a monumental task!

5)   Saying Goodbye To Close Friends And Favorite Places

Saying goodbye to your old life is arguably the most stressful moving task. Leaving favorite places behind and parting with close friends is always sad. You need to find a way to say proper goodbye to the places and the people you hold dear – throw a farewell party, enjoy favorite fun activities with your friends, prepare small gifts for each of them, make plans to meet again soon, etc. Visit one last time every location that has special meaning for you and spend some peaceful moments there alone. Don’t forget to say goodbye to your old home too – you will surely miss it.


6)   Avoiding Problems On Moving Day

The success of your entire relocation depends on how smoothly things will go on Moving day, so it comes as no wonder that the moving stress reaches its peak on this special day. All your careful planning and elaborate preparations can be ruined by a single mistake or misfortunate event, so you have every reason to feel anxious and stressed. Contact your chosen moving company several days in advance to confirm your scheduled pick-up date and time;



7)   Loading And Driving The Moving Truck

If you have decided on a DIY move, you’ll have a couple of extra stressful moving tasks to take care of:

Loading the moving truck – not only will you have to lift and carry heavy and awkwardly-shaped household items, but you will also have to properly arrange your belongings in the moving truck and to secure them well. None of these tasks is easy to complete, not to mention that any mistake you make will result in damages or personal injuries. If you are up to the challenge, at least make sure you have all the proper equipment (utility dolly, furniture pads, moving straps, protective materials, etc.) and several reliable friends who will come to your help.

Driving the moving truck – driving a large moving truck for hours on end is no piece of cake. The vehicle is heavy and “clumsy” – you’ll have to brake earlier, make wider turns, drive slowly, and watch for overpass, bridge and tunnel height limits. It will be difficult to maneuver the large truck along narrow city streets and to take it along busy highways to your final destination. You’ll have to be very alert all the time to avoid road accidents and to safely transport your belongings to your new home. Not to mention, that you may have problems finding an adequate parking place too;

Unloading the moving truck and unpacking your items – you will be totally exhausted when you reach your final destination, but you will have some more strenuous work ahead of you – unloading the moving truck, reassembling your furniture, setting up your appliances, unpacking your items, disposing of the packing materials, etc.

Hiring professional movers to do the job will save you all the extra stress and trouble!.

As you can see, knowing how to load a truck or trailer is very important to make sure all your belongings will fit!

As you can see, knowing how to load a truck or trailer is very important to make sure all your belongings will fit!

8)   Getting Your New Home Ready On Time

To be able to receive your shipment and set up your new home, you need it to be completely ready by move in day. Arrange for any repair works and remodeling projects to be over before your items arrive. Otherwise, you’ll have to put them in temporary storage and stay at a hotel until your property is ready. Deep cleaning your new property will be very difficult if all your items are already unpacked and put at their rightful places. So, you are strongly advised to do a thorough cleaning before the moving truck arrives.

Taking care of important details and getting as much help possible from an experienced moving company can make all the difference in the world!

8 Tips for a Successful Moving Day

1. Start packing for the move as soon as possible. 
As soon as you know that you’re gonna move you should start packing up. Waiting until the last minute to sort slows the process. Save time, money and anxiety by being prepared.

Packing Boxes, Packing Company, Pack and Ship with Packing Service Inc

2. Get a quote from a well established moving company.
It’s important that the company you choose has a good customer satisfaction rate and has been in business for at least a few years. The pros at Packing Service Inc. can give you a flat rate quote in minutes. Check with your movers about their policies, you may want them to pack and insure high value items.
3. Figure out what you’re gonna take and what you’re gonna leave.
Go through and pull stuff that you can trash, give away or donate. Remove these items before the packers arrive, or gather it all into one pile and clearly mark it “DO NOT MOVE!”
4. Do not pack perishables, chemicals, explosives, fireworks, plants, animals, etc…
Moving companies usually do not transport plants, flammables and hazardous liquids or materials of any kind. Be sure to inquire with your movers about what they will not transport so that you don’t have the packers pack it.
5. Pack your personal items, and let us pack everything else for you.
These normally include medicines/toiletries, enough clothing for the move duration, electronics/chargers/books, work stuff, jewelry and hazardous items that packers and movers won’t touch. Pack these things ahead of time, or clearly mark them. It’s important that your moving company has the skills to move all your furniture, art, appliances, and personal effects safely. This is usually done with pallets or custom crates; find out which one of these services is best for you.
Domestic Palletizing Services by Packing Service Inc

Packing Service, Inc. can also palletize your furniture and appliances on-site.

6. Make sure our moving pros know the inventory and which items they’re taking.
Have all your master bathroom items in your master bathroom, for example, and use signs to mark every room so the packers can mark boxes accordingly. If a large item will switch rooms in the new house, just mark it with its own label.
7. Keep all entryways and halls clear so the pros can efficiently pack your belongings.
When your passageways and doors are clear of obstructions, our moving pros can quickly and efficiently pack the truck or container of your choice.
8. For any items you pack, use the right boxes and packing tape.
Our packing and shipping team will use the best materials for the job, but for any items you pack, use the right boxes and packing tape.You don’t want your boxes falling apart and your important personal effects and documents being scattered everywhere. Investing in quality materials will make a big difference for your move.
The pros at Packing Service Inc. have been helping customers like you with packing and moving domestically and internationally for more than 11 years. In that time they have achieved a 97% customer satisfaction rate and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. PSI offers only guaranteed flat rate quotes and superior professional moving services.

Packing, Crating, and Shipping Solutions for Art Pieces

Packing and Shipping Fine Art

One of the most common requests and questions we have here at Packing Service Inc. are about crating and shipping fine art pieces and antiques, such as paintings and sculptures. Packing fine art for shipment depends on the specific art materials being shipped. Due to the high value of these items and the fact that they are extremely delicate, our professional team of packers and shippers here at PSI are suited to help you with your situation. A common method of shipping large art pieces begins by on-site crating, which means we build a tough and sturdy wooden container around the sculpture or art piece itself at your location. Our high quality crating services are the industry standard. We can also pack multiple smaller paintings or frames inside one of our custom wooden crates, protecting everything inside as well as allowing stress-free shipment of several items all at once. Once your items are safe and secured, we will then ship it to their destination nationwide or worldwide. PSI is a leader in packing boxes, pack and wrap services, pack and crate services, as well as loading and unloading your art once it has reached its last stop.

Whether it be Machinery, Artwork, or fragile equipment, our team of professional craters know exactly what type of materials and wood to use to best protect your items during international or domestic shipping.

Whether it be Machinery, Artwork, or fragile equipment, our team of professional craters know exactly what type of materials and wood to use to best protect your items during international or domestic shipping.

Due to our high standards as a professional shipping company, we always invest in high quality materials. Things like packing tape and bubble wrap are not an area where we skimp. Think about it, you might save a few dollars by using low-quality tape, but is it worth it if your box comes apart in transit and you have hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage as a result? Other shipping companies use only the cheapest materials and as a result, your fine art pieces are at risk when they’re being moved.

Packing and Crating, Crating Services, Pack and Crate with Packing Service Inc

Professional crating, custom crating services, as well as on-site packing and crating. We also provide nationwide and worldwide shipping services.

We ensure that your item(s) being shipped are safely placed and secured inside their custom-built wooden crates; then with extreme care we seal the crates against the elements. We also take other steps to safeguard your shipment, like never letting bubble wrap come in contact with your art – instead we use pallet wrap as our first layer of protection. We also use heavy-duty padding on the inside of the wooden crates to give an extra layer of insulation and to protect against any bumps along the road. Items like bronze sculptures, and large mirrors receive this kind of treatment. Glass is the most vulnerable to damage and we always double wrap in bubble wrap, set the glass piece in foam peanuts inside an inner box, and then double box (inner box inside an outer box) with foam peanuts surrounding the inner box.

Our professionals are ready to go to your location and crate up any of you belongings. Whether it's delicate equipment, fragile artwork, over sized machinery, or antique furniture - our guys can handle it. Click on this to be taken to our pictures site.

Our professionals are ready to go to your location and crate up any of you belongings. Whether it’s delicate equipment, fragile artwork, over sized art pieces, or antique furniture – our guys can handle it.


We can pack and ship all manner of art pieces, including but not limited to:

Ceramics & Glass

Museum Quality Items

Furniture & Wooden Objects

Leather & Fur Objects




Stone & Plaster Art Sculptures

Textiles & Fibers

High Value, One-of-a-Kind Items

Call us at (888)722-5774 or email us at now for a guaranteed flat rate quote, and let Packing Service Inc. solve all your fine art shipping needs.