Nationwide Relocation and Shipping Services for College Universities

Universities are faced with a variety of unique challenges when it comes to the logistics related to Shipping Services for both faculty and students.

From undelivered documents, shipping cost, to the limitations the Shipping Company in request might have.

If you happen to work for a university or attend a university and need a shipping company, it is best to research your local professionals. Ask questions about their quoting policy, ask for ONE price and ONE price only to avoid being scammed, review their reputation and prior jobs online, and last but not least, make sure they have the materials to FULFILL your shipping services request. Don’t waste your time!BNED_School_Map_5_23_16_FINALSome documents are private and sensitive thus require special shipping services to ensure privacy.

Other items – such as machinery from a per say Science Department – requires Professional Relocation Services including:
Shrink Wrapping and Palletizing services or Custom Wooden Crating
Both options must be implemented by a Professional and reliable shipping company- and there are not many On Demand available!

Packing Service, Inc. is a Nationwide White Glove Shipping and Relocation services company. You can count on us as your Local and Nationwide moving and shipping services provider.

Our Team of Knowledgeable Professionals specialize in:
Shrink Wrapping
Custom Wooden Crating
Corporate Relocation Services

Most shipping companies or delivery service companies charge large sums of money for furniture shipping or box delivery. We understand you are looking for that one reliable company that will treat your belonging like gold, and Packing Service, Inc. is your one stop solution. For shipping services within the state, Packing Service, Inc.’s  professional shipping service offers non-stop shipping services that will deliver every item right to their destination. Colleges and Universities Nationwide entrust their furniture, machinery, and equipment to our shipping services because go above and beyond saving you time and money!

Wrapping, Palletizing and Shipping from New York, NY to Oak Ridge, TN with Packing Service, Inc. - 965At Packing Service, Inc., our Shipping and Relocation Services are issued flat rate quotes. There are No Hidden Costs, No Extra Charges, No Misunderstandings and No Time Charges. We are Professionals providing Flat Rate Quotes Only, call for a flat rate quote today: 888-722-5774.




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Palletizing Machinery for Long Distance Shipping Requests

Who Screams for Ice Cream?

Pretty much everyone does! Whether you are child awaiting your first Homemade Ice Cream Kit Maker or Dairy Queen awaiting the arrival of Blizzard creating super machines – Your tasty shipping request is one of anticipation!

Avoid sticky situations like merchandise theft, loss, and damage and hire a Long Distance Shipping company to handle your personal or commercial requests for Palletizing Machinery and industrial equipment!

Wrapping Ice Cream machines, palletizing and shipping from Florida to Indiana with Packing Service, Inc. - 775

Check out this Ice Cream Machine! Packing Service, Inc. arrives at your residential or commercial location to Shrink Wrap and Palletize your boxes, equipment, and/or machinery!

Packing Service, Inc. provides long distance shipping solutions, including specializes in Shrink Wrap Palletizing, a more affordable long distance shipping solution for item(s) under 1000 lbs. Shrink Wrap Palletizing your belongings is among the safest and most secure ways to transport large or bulky items over long distance, because of the way they are handled. Packing Service, Inc’s. shrink wrap palletizing service is among the best in the transport industry, only using quality grade shrink-wrap applied with the utmost care when gathering your belongings. We only use quality wooden pallets, built strong and for the purpose of long distance shipping – Domestic or International.

Palletizing machinery reduces shipping cost in comparison to other long distance shipping solutions. Palletizing machinery, equipment, boxes and bins ALL for ONE PRICE, NO HOURLY CHARGES, GUARANTEED!

Shrink Wrap Palletizing Services by Packing Services, Inc. (4)

At Packing Service, Inc. our Shrink Wrap Palletizing as well as all Moving and Shipping Services there are No Hidden Costs, No Extra Charges, No Misunderstandings and No Time Charges. We are Professionals providing Flat Rate Quotes Only, call for a flat rate quote today: 888-722-5774.


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Ship your Mattress and Bedding: On Demand and On site Lumper Services, Loading Services, and Unloading services

People spend a considerable portion of every day in bed, thus a mattress is a serious investment for many Americans. A mattress may simply be a piece of furniture, but they hold significant impact on the daily life of most people. It’s only natural that most people want to bring that special (and expensive) piece of furniture with them to their new destination. Or, they will order a new mattress to arrive at their new location. Regardless, you are going to need a Professional loading company to assist with your shipping request!

Packing Service, Inc. is a professional Loading and Unloading (Lumper) services company with extensive experience. When you require loading and unloading PODS containers, rental trucks, trailers, international containers, storage lockers or any loading containers, there is no better choice than Packing Service, Inc. for all your Lumper Services. Do not settle for just any truck loader or Loading Company; you want the most professional and honest loading and unloading company handling your treasured and personal valuables. 

Professional Loading and Unloading Moving Services

Our employees are seasoned professionals with the best knowledge in the business of how items should be loaded and unloaded. Our employees must work at least one year in the moving services industry before we will hire them to work for us. Most moving service companies hire people with little or no experience (labor ready guys) in packing or moving items without damaging them. Our loading company and experts truly care and you will see this demonstrated in the professional and efficient manner in which they will provide you service.

Our employees are experts in the following:
Loading and Unloading Lumper Services:

Truck Loading: 10-26 foot Penske, U-Haul and Budget Rental Trucks.
Container Loading: Packing and loading /unloading 8 -16 foot PODS containers, 8 ft. Door to Door containers, 8-16 ft. PackRat portable containers.
Trailer loading: ABF – U-PACK 28 ft. Trailer, 53 ft. trailers loading service. Loading and unloading rental trucks to a Storage Unit.
International Shipping: Loading from 20-40 ft, even 53 ft international containers with a flat rate quote.

Packing Service, Inc. will never provide you with an “estimate” that may or may not fluctuate with hidden costs; we provide only guaranteed flat rate quotes for all of our loading and unloading services – as with all of our services!


Email Packing Service, Inc. for any or all of our on-site services nationwide and receive your own personalized guaranteed flat rate quote!

With our loading company there are no hidden costs, no extra charges, no misunderstandings and no time charges. Just Professionals with Flat Rate Quotes! Call for a flat rate quote today: 888-722-5774

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