Shrink Wrapping Palletizing By Packing Service Inc.

For Packing Service Inc. palletizing service is an easy and often more economical choice for shipping small loads such as household goods, boxes and furniture. We expertly load everything on pallets. Each pallet is stretch-wrapped and banded for security, and then shipped by an economical ground/air service. Palletizing and shrink wrapping services is just another example of Packing Service Inc. being a step above the rest. Having the right company, one that knows how to secure, move and address the method of shipment, assures you that the best standards to protect your equipment every step of the way are applied.

Shrink Wrapping Palletizing By Packing Service Inc.

Shrink Wrapping Palletizing By Packing Service Inc. Nationwide Services

Our thorough schedule not only provides the best shrink-wrap and palletizing procedure but also incorporates the necessary timing. This service is another way Packing Service Inc. is able to provide streamlined efficiency to you, our customer.

By palletizing your shipment on to wooden pallets, Packing Service Inc. decreases the chances of dropping your items and damaging your goods, his is accomplished by using pallet jack to move and ship your items instead of human beings. Packing Service Inc. provides cost effective shipping for most materials and personal goods from homes and business throughout the U.S. to all points across the country.

Shrink Wrapping Palletizing By Packing Service Inc.

Shrink Wrapping Palletizing By Packing Service Inc.

Whether you need palletizing for commercial or residential purposes, you can draw from its benefits and make sure that the transportation of your items is quick, safe and affordable. The time it takes for your items to be transported is shortened because, with pallets, the items can be handled more easily. Instead of handling individual palletized cartons separately, Shrink Wrapping helps with quicker handling such that the turnaround time for the delivery vehicle is reduced. This allows the moving/shipping company to make use of the transport equipment in an ideal manner by enhancing the operational efficiency of the entire moving/shipping process.

Shrink Wrapping Palletizing By Packing Service Inc.

Shrink Wrapping Palletizing By Packing Service Inc. nationwide services company.

By using the combination of Shrink Wrapping and palletizing, there is the benefit that the efficiency levels of the moving and storage process increase significantly. Customers always give priority to the safety and quick delivery of their goods. Both of these are aspects that palletizing helps achieve. And all are professionally done by Packing Service Inc.

Professional Packing and Unpacking Services by Packing Service Inc.

Packing Service Inc. are thorough packers. They use expertise techniques to pack customers belongings. They will make sure your items will be packed securely and handle them with extreme care. They have techniques they will use to pack items in such a manner that when it’s time to unpack everything is easier and accurate to put back in its place. Packing Service Inc are packers on a professional level which will then allow the customers to relax and take care of the other things they might need to before its time to move. For most people it’s a hassle and stressful to take care of the packing feeling it’s too time consuming for them. This is where Packing Service can come in and ease the transition for the move. They have all the proper equipment they need to pack your materials with supplies that they have in an extreme professional manner.





There are no hidden fees or unexpected fees that may be granted by other packing companies. You will get quoted a flat rate guaranteed. Also no packing service is too big or too small.  You just call them or fill out the information on their website and based on the information you give them regarding the items you want to have packed, they will provide you with all the information you need. What is absolutely great about Packing Service Inc. is that they do not charge by the hour, ONLY by the amount of boxes or items you need packed.

Packing Service, Inc. will also give their customers suggestions of how to pack and techniques that they use to help and ease the transition.

One thing I really love about the company is that they are very informative and straight forward with their customers and the service they provide. It’s all out there to let you know what to they will do and what can and will be done to make sure you get the outmost care.

Packing Service Inc. will use caution and carefully handle all your valuables, place them in the container or moving van of your choice. They listen attentively to their customers to make sure the needs are met. They will take your direction and help you make the right choice for you move if need be. It is very crucial and important that their customers are satisfied. Packing Service, Inc wouldn’t have it any other way.

Professional Packing Services Company 888-722-5774

Professional Packing Services Company 888-722-5774

It is very important to know that Packing Service Inc are in the best standing with the BBB and are Rated A+. They offer a flat free quote guaranteed and will not let you down. They are very good with informing the customer with everything that will happen with the move and that even before you make your decision; they will direct you to their website and give you a visual opportunity to make your decision with booking with them. So, it’s not giving you a shot in the dark, but that everything is in black and white. Nonetheless, nothing would be more reassuring than seeing the proof of it all of how they do their work and how they take pride in the services they provide than seeing the pictures of previous booked jobs.

All this makes it more of a relief for the prospective customers to believe and understand that their move will be in great hands.  All with a trustworthy and reliable company called Packing Service Inc.

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7 Mistakes to Avoid During a Move

Relocating is indeed stressful and tiring. The moment you know about you your reallocation, you become worried. In this worry, often you make mistakes that could have been avoided. Six following are some common mistakes that you may while moving from one place to another.

Not planning the move

Moving is a complicated process which requires proper planning and execution according to the available time. Sit with your family members and prepare a draft stage of what you need and how that can be achieved in the best way keeping in mind all other factors that affects it.

Unaware of the busy season

Good and reported professional packing companies are always busy in summer season. So, if you plan to hire a professional company, then be sure to contact them in advance and if possible settle the negotiation so that you can avail their services at the required time.

Packing Service Inc - Packing and Loading by a flat rate quote Nationwide Services On-Site 888-722-5774

Packing Service Inc – Packing and Loading by a flat rate quote Nationwide Services On-Site 888-722-5774

Enquire about the packing company

Even if you are fully satisfied with the terms and conditions of the first company you spoke to, still then, you can always keep yourself on the safe side by comparing their flat rate quote with other packing companies. This would give you a brief idea of what you are paying and how fair it is.

Stay calm and avoid rushing

After you have settled with the packing company, don’t panic. Take steps according to the terms and conditions that you have settled and see that all work is carried out according to the contract. Rushing things will only create more problems and complicate the matter.

Keep record of the official statements

Carry all the official statements, documents and money receipts that are associated with the movers. Many times it happens that you misplace the receipt in a hurry which is an ultimate proof of your payment to the packing company. This would land you in serious trouble in case you have to settle any matter with the packing company.

Packing Service Inc. Custom Crates, Wooden Crated and Wooden Boxes

Packing Service Inc. Custom Crates, Wooden Crated and Wooden Boxes

Not crosschecking the inventory sheet

Be sure to check the inventory sheet before signing it finally. While loading your things in to the clock to make sure that all things listed in the inventory sheet. Once the trucks arrives at the destination check inventory sheet and confirm that all things loaded into the trunk are safely unloaded from it. Only after crosschecking, sign the inventory sheet.

Good behavior and code of conduct

Always remember that the people whom you have hired are professionals. Treat them in a professional way to create good impression. This would make them take more interest in your work. Don’t forget to take the movers as this would create a good long-term relationship with them. In case you need them for further dealings, they would always prove themselves as good helping hands.