The Importance of Hiring a Professional Packing Company for Packing Services

Customers may want to do their homework when it comes to hiring a Professional Packing Company to complete jobs such as Packing Boxes and other packing-related services. By simply devoting a little bit of time to do that basic research, customers will avoid the headaches that may come later as a result of a terrible packing job performed by an amateurish packing company. At Packing Service, Inc., we take the utmost care with your items by wrapping and padding them in the best manner possible. Packing Service, Inc. is among the best Professional Packing Companies in the industry. The company only hires highly-trained Professional Packers and Movers. On top of that, it offers only flat rate quotes for the services that it provides. On our website, in the gallery section, there are pictures showing the level of care and professionalism that go into each packing job completed.


For Packing Boxes and other packing-related services, as a customer, you want the packing company that you hire to use the best packing materials available. At Packing Service, Inc., we only use top of the line packing materials, so customers do not have to worry about the quality of the service that they are receiving. Our company values convenience, and that’s why we only provide flat rate quotes. The quotes that we provide include everything from our Professional Packers and Movers performing the services to all the materials used. The time that it takes to complete the job is included in the quote as well. As the customer, your satisfaction is our main priority, and you can rest assured that our quotes will not vary. The company adheres to a strict code of professionalism, and we value the customer.

As a Professional Packing Company, all jobs are performed on site. The same quality of service is provided nationwide. There is no variation in the quality of services that we offer. Our staff is extremely well-trained, very friendly, and uses the highest level of care when Packing Boxes and other house packing services. It’s of the reasons that Packing Service, Inc. has become one of the most reputable packing companies in the industry. Our commitment to excellence cannot be rivaled in the packing industry. PSI’s Professional Packers and Movers have the highest level of training, and that is how the company is able to provide the quality of services that it provides. Our packing services are distinct and well-known. We take a lot of pride in the quality of service that we provide. Our Company name means everything to us, and we will never tarnish our reputation as being among the best packing companies nationwide.

Packing Boxes (3)

For all jobs involving Packing Boxes and other packing-related services, our Professional Packers and Movers will always treat every customer with the same level of respect. As stated earlier, a flat rate quote is guaranteed for every customer. Unlike most other companies, there will be no hidden fees and extra charges. Packing Service, Inc does not provide estimates since the prices will most likely get higher after the job is completed. We will remain faithful to our promises.


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Shrink Wrapping Services , Palletizing Services, and Crating Services for Residential Shipping Requests

Packing Service, Inc. loves to provide reliable On Site Shipping Services for our local and nationwide residents as much as we enjoy servicing our corporate and commercial clients! You can utilize Shrink Wrapping and Palletizing Services, and even Custom Wooden Crating Services for your Domestic and International Shipping requests.

Packing Service, Inc. is the leading professional in domestic and international shipping services. We will only work with other professionals who are serious about offering only the best in shrink wrapping and palletizing services nationwide. Whether you require palletizing boxes, palletizing machinery, or palletizing furniture, our team of professionals can handle any job and any size item, in a fraction of the time it will take those other guys!

Packing boxes, Palletizing and Shipping from Miami, FL to Maryland with Packing Service, Inc. - 894Our palletizing crews understand the importance of safety and take it upon ourselves to place your items on quality wooden pallets, securely wrapping item(s), strapping them down to the pallet and shrink-wrapping them directly to each pallet preparing them for domestic and international shipping. Each and every one of our palletizing crew must have experience providing on-site shrink-wrapping and palletizing services for at least one year before they can work with our company.

Packing Service, Inc. only uses quality wooden pallets, built strong and for the purpose of domestic and international shipping.  A pallet, often referred to as a “skid”, is a flat wooden transporting structure that serves as a foundation for your items to be lifted by a forklift, pallet jack, front loader or other jacking device. Shrink Wrapping and Palletizing your belongings is among the safest and most secure ways to transport large or bulky items over long distance, because of the way they are handled. Packing Service, Inc.’s shrink-wrapping and palletizing service is among the best in the transport industry, only using quality grade shrink-wrap applied with the utmost care when gathering your belongings.

Shrink Wrap Palletizing Services by Packing Services, Inc. (8)* We place the strongest and heaviest pieces on the bottom and go as high as we can (optimum height is 5-6 ft tall).
* We strap your items to the pallet (usually 40″x48″ or 40″x40″).
* Ensure the Shrink Wrap Services applied grabs all sides of the pallet.
* Cover the top of your pallet with shrink-wrap to keep your cargo clean and safe.
* 2 to 4 layers of shrink wrap are applied for added support and safety.

Custom Wooden Crates by Packing Service, Inc. (4)Packing Service, Inc. builds custom wooden boxes (wood crates) on-site (at your location) for any item that you might require. We can build Boxes, furniture, antiques, computers, electronics, artwork, portraits, fragile mirrors and sculptures, the list is endless!

The wooden boxes we design at Packing Service, Inc. are made of quality lumber and built strong to ensure the optimal level of protection for your valuables. Our custom wooden crating services professionals provide only the best quality wood for any type of job, and we only hire craters with no less than one year of experience providing custom wooden crating services.

We do not provide estimates, no hidden costs, no extra charges, no misunderstandings and no time charges at all. We only provide guaranteed flat rate quotes! Call or email PSI now for a flat rate quote:

888-722-5774 | Info@PackingServiceInc.Com

To see Pictures of Palletizing services click here on the link.

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How To Utilize Crating Services, Heat Treated Crating, and Box Crating Services

Crating your boxes, furniture, machinery, and equipment is the best Shipping Services option to ensure ultimate 360 degree protection and security for your item(s). Because this is the more expensive shipping services method, many customers seek the “best deal” or seemingly easiest option available. These customers often contact us with requests for “pre-made” wooden boxes or crates. Specifically, we do not sell pre-made wooden boxes or crates. Packing Service, Inc. DOES however, provide tailored Custom Wooden Crating according to the dimensions of your item(s) or shipment load. Thus, if you provide us the dimensions of your item(s) and total weight, we can prepare a crate for you and deliver that crate to your location (or build it at the site of reference – commercial or residential). Pre-made boxes and crates are not reliable and most crating services and shipping services companies who provide this option suffer several escalations for improper handling, poor materials, and breakable boxes and crates.

Packing Service, Inc. provides reliable ONSITE Crating Services nationwide. We build the crates the don’t break! Once the client has established the size and weight of the given items, crates will be tailored to meet set specifications. Crates will then be loaded and shipped domestically or internationally to the established location in which our on-site services are needed. We are an extremely professional crating services provider.

Crating and Shipping from Nevada to New York with Packing Service, Inc. - 591

Packing Service, Inc. On-Site Crating Services Company | Custom Wooden Crating and Wooden Boxes

The wooden boxes we design at Packing Service, Inc. are made of quality lumber and built strong to ensure the optimal level of protection for your valuables. Our custom wooden crating professionals provide only the best quality wood for any type of job, and we only hire craters with no less than one year of experience providing custom wooden Crating Services.

Custom Wooden Crating for Boxes


Crating Boxes is an option when you have smaller fragile items or your boxed materials are Shipping International!

Custom Wooden Crating for Machinery and Industrial Equipment

Packing Service, Inc. Computer Server been crated in New York, NY shiped overseas 2

Crating Machinery for Domestic and International Shipping is your safest defense against the the rigors of transport.

Packing Service, Inc. Computer Server been crated in New York, NY shiped overseas 4

Heat Treated Crating is applied ONLY to crates that are shipping international to follow regulations and ensure protection from weather and handling.

The level of professionalism and respect we demonstrate to our customers will leave you beyond satisfied. Remember with every service we offer, it is always at one guaranteed flat rate quote! Packing Service, Inc. is the professional Crating services Company that builds custom wooden boxes on-site that are specifically tailored to the dimensions of your items. When you require the best crating services in the business; call or email Packing Service, Inc. for a flat rate quote that is guaranteed!

(888) 722-5774 |

With our shipping services there are No Hidden Costs, No Extra Charges, No Misunderstandings and No Time Charges. We are Professionals providing Flat Rate Quotes Only, call for a flat rate quote today: 888-722-5774.

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