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Your move can be easy and stress free working with a Packing Service, Inc. professional. As a nationwide Packing Company with the most well-trained team in the business, our packing services extend from packing boxes and palletizing furniture to crating machinery, antiques, and artwork. All of our services are provided on-site, on time, with zero hassles. Packing Service, Inc. is your full service local moving company who will always handle your move with integrity and care.

Whether you require our professional packers for packing boxes, wrapping furniture, machine packing, Packing and Loading international containers or packing and loading PODS Containers and rental trucks – Our PSI team is ready for the job. We do not have any limits and will never provide an estimate that changes or fluctuates; our services will always be provided by Guaranteed Flat Rate Quotes Nationwide.

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  • 100% FREE Moving Quotes  
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Full Service “White Glove”
  • Same-Day Service Available
  • ON SITE Services
  • Local & Nationwide
  • International Shipping Available
  • Professionally Trained
  • Trusted & Reliable Movers
  • No Hourly Rates, Flat Rate Quotes Guaranteed!


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Do you charge if my home has more than one floor/story?

No, we do not have any additional charges. We do not charge by hour or by your house/apartment size or accessibility.

Can you guys handle gym equipment?
Yes, Packing Service, Inc. can wrap and ship your gym equipment or any other item. We do not have any limits.

The Packing Olympics Welcomes Packing Service Inc., The Gold Standard of Moving & Shipping Services.

olympic flagIf there was an Olympic event for Packing and Moving, our team at PSI knows we would have the gold medal!

Packing Service, Inc. was established in 2003 and has proudly held our 97% customer satisfaction rate providing the best packing services in the industry.

Whether you require our professional packers for packing boxes, wrapping furniture, machine packing, Packing and Loading international containers or packing and loading PODS Containers and rental trucks; we can provide any and all Pack and Load Services with Guaranteed flat rate quotes.

Packing Service, Inc. provides Domestic and International Shipping Services #ftlauderdale #newyork

Packing Service, Inc. provides Domestic and International Shipping Services #ftlauderdale #newyork

• Packing Unpacking

• Loading Unloading

• Shrink Wrap Palletizing

• Custom Crating

• Shipping International

To be the best we must do our best! Our team of professionals understand the hassles of moving and are dedicated to providing you optimum service without the stress. With our company there are no hidden costs, no extra charges, no misunderstandings and no time charges. Just Professionals with Flat Rate Quotes!

Remember that Packing Service, Inc. is the professional packing company that combines both moving and shipping services nationwide. We offer packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, shrink wrap palletizing, crating and shipping services. Maybe you not only need to box up your household, but ship all your items overseas – not a problem! Our team of pack & load pros can handle any Packing Services you may need- We have NO limits. With over a decade of experience and an outstanding reputation for excellence, the packers and loaders at Packing Service, Inc. are eager to demonstrate exactly why we have become the best in the business. We put our customers first and their valuables will be treated as if they were our very own.

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How Do I Book a Move?

Feel free to send us an inventory list of the items that will be moved to: info@packingserviceinc.com | (888) 722-5774 |
Call today and a specialist will provide you with the additional information necessary to book your move. Or, log into our website and fill out your quote questionnaire online and a specialist will contact you. Click Here to Visit Our Web Page


The Restaurant Industry is Booming, Packing Service, Inc. is here to Help!

If you work in the restaurant industry, then you are well aware of the summer business boom. Restaurants nationwide are hustling about tending to the needs of locals, tourists, and vacationers.

With the increase of customers enjoying their seasonal leisure time, naturally will precede the necessity for additional product and equipment.

That’s where we come along! For all your shipping needs, Packing Service, Inc. is here where Crating and Shipping is made easy!

Wrapping, Crating and Shipping from Chestnut Ridge, NY to Las Vegas, NV with Packing Service, Inc. - 936

Packing Service, Inc. provides Custom Wooden Crating and Shipping services to New York, Nevada, anywhere Internationally!


Packing Service, Inc. ships to all commercial and residential addresses throughout the United States.


We ship to all locations outside the U.S.A. Special heat applications must and will be applied to crating materials for all International shipments. Whether you are shipping industrial equipment, machinery, furniture or boxes; the professionals at PSI will build a custom wood crate designed specifically for your item(s). The wooden boxes we design are made of quality lumber, specific temperature depending on international transport, and built strong to ensure the optimal level of protection for your valuables.

Guaranteed Flat Rate Quotes

Packing Service, Inc. offers only Flat Rate Quotes to avoid misunderstandings, hassles, and estimates. Often, Crating and Shipping companies will allude a low estimate to bind you to their contract. Once you sign, they can double the price (and often do!). This contract you’ve signed allows the Shipping Company to have full control over your belongings as well as the right to withhold them from you if you do not pay. That’s right! So if there was to be any discrepancy, problem regarding your merchandise, or fluctuation in the estimate, your anticipated service provider would not be responsible and you would be left with the headache or exponential payment.

Our team understands you are looking for that one reliable shipping company that will treat your belonging like gold, and Packing Service, Inc. is your one stop solution. For shipping services domestic and international, PSI’s professional shipping service offers non-stop ultimate protection and delivery to your direct location.

Our shipping policy and process is designed to help customers receive their orders quickly, safely and for the lowest price possible. With PSI there are No Hidden Costs, No Extra Charges, No Misunderstandings and No Time Charges. Professionals with Flat Rate Quotes Only, call for a flat rate quote today: 888-722-5774


Can you guys transport glass and chinaware?


Do you provide Flat Rate quotes for major businesses and corporations as well?

We ONLY Guarantee Flat Rate Quotes for every customer and tailor this price to your specific service and needs.