Securing Items with Custom Crates

As your one stop shop for moving and shipping services, Packing Service, Inc. provides Wooden Shipping Crates for all of your goods. Our crating services cover a wide range of items from heavy machinery to antique furniture. Our trained crating professionals have at least one year of experience in the industry. We can build custom crates for prized valuables, shipments of office equipment, and even for the transport of animals. Our wooden shipping crates are made from quality lumber and built rugged to withstand shipping both domestically and internationally. When it comes to all things crating, Packing Service, Inc. is the most trusted company in the industry!

Domestic Custom wooden crates and shipping services NY-CA with Packing Service, Inc. E

Packing Service, Inc. is committed to making sure that your valuables are properly secured in a wooden shipping crate so that they arrive at your desired destination as safely and as quickly as possible. Other companies which offer Crating Services often skimp on the materials, using low quality metal and wood, or simply hire workers with no experience, resulting in poorly-constructed wooden shipping crates that break during transit. Our custom crates are built specifically with your product in mind. As such, we provide on-site crating services done by professionals who know the industry inside and out.

Custom Wooden Crates for Domestic and International Shipping by Packing Service Inc

Packing Service, Inc. realizes how difficult it is to entrust the stewardship of your valuables to other people. Our professionals who build Custom Crates are aware that each item is treasured and will ensure that they arrive safely. With security in mind, our company policies on crating services make sure that each item is carefully measured and weighed before construction begins. The professionals at Packing Service, Inc. will then build a custom crate designed to minimize movement and secure your valuables for the long trip. With the trusted and professional services provided by Packing Service, Inc., your valuables couldn’t be in safer hands or, in this case, in a safer crate.


How long will it take, from start to finish, for my item to be crated?

It depends on a few factors, but generally the crating process takes about a day, depending on the item. From there, your item is transported and shipped to another location in 3 to 10 business days. These timetables can change depending on the size and weight of the item or the destination.

Why do you need me to send in pictures or a list of items before I can get a flat rate quote?

We always ask our customers to send in pictures or a list of items that need to be crated so that our quotes are accurate. The more we know about the items you need crated, the easier it will be for all parties involved, and the more money you’ll save. Once we have an idea of how much time the job will take and how many materials we’ll need then we can generate an accurate flat rate quote that won’t change during the crating process.

How Palletizing Protects Your Items

We at Packing Service, Inc. believe in protecting your valuables and our palletizing services reflect that. Our professional employees have more than year of experience in the Palletizing industry. Items like furniture, machinery, antiques, and other large bulky objects need to protected during transit and our palletizing services ensure that transport is safe and efficient. Shrink wrap palletizing is one of the best ways to transport your valuables if you are shipping either domestically or internationally. We place your items on a 40 x 48 wooden pallet that serves as a foundation for easy transport and tie your valuables using premium quality shrink wrap.

Palletizing Boxes and Shipping Services DC-NE with Packing Service, Inc. - 612Our Palletizing Services ensure that your valuable items are protected until they arrive at your desired destination. Businesses like banks, hospitals, and restaurants use our professional services to transport expensive machinery and equipment. Heavy items like commercial stoves are handled by our shrink wrap palletizing professionals. Your items are placed on a sturdy wooden pallet and wrapped with a premium plastic film designed to support, bind, and protect your goods during transit. Palletizing is one of the surest ways to protect your valuables while also making transport as efficient as possible.

Packing computer items, palletizing services and shipping from NY to CA with Packing Service, Inc. 2Packing Service, Inc. also offers on-site palletizing services for all your moving or shipping needs. Our trained Shrink Wrap Palletizing professionals will move and pack your valuable items and prepare them for shipping to your desired destination. Items that are located in difficult to access locations, like buildings or apartments, are carefully moved outside. These items are then handled by our trained palletizing professionals. Shrink wrap palletizing helps with the transport of bulky items like furniture, computer equipment, and parts. Why use unreliable moving companies to handle your precious items? Packing Service, Inc. is your one stop shop for your palletizing needs. We specialize in providing professional services and are proud of our 97% customer satisfaction rate.


What’s the difference between crating services and palletizing sevices?

The difference between crating and palletizing is simple. When we palletize an item we lay it on top of a pallet or skid. When we crate an item we build a crate around it. We usually palletize things like boxes or items that can fit on top of standard 40 x 48 pallet. Our crating services are typically used for very large or very heavy items.

What is shrink wrapping and how does it protect my load?

Shrink wrap, also known as shrink film, is a plastic film made up of polymers. When heat is applied, the shrink wrap tightens over whatever it is covering. We use this material cover to protect your items from the elements. Shrink wrap, along with plastic straps that are tied, also helps secures your load to the pallet for easier transport.

Crating and Palletizing

Packing Services, Inc. offers a wide variety of crating services for our customer’s needs. Whether its shipping internationally or domestic our custom crates are built on-site by our crating professionals and tailored to your specific needs. Our custom crates can handle anything from industrial machinery to antique furniture. Packing Services, Inc. also offers palletizing services to transport large and bulky items across great distances. Palletizing is one of the most secure ways to transport your goods and our use of shrink wrap protects your items from damage. Let our trained professionals in palletizing services handle your prized possessions.

Crating and Shipping from JFK airport NY to Los Angeles, CA with Packing Service, Inc. 3 Packing Services, Inc. is one of the leaders in providing professional crating services to customers. We only hire crating professionals with more than one year experience to provide the best support to our customers. Our employees know that plenty can go wrong during transport so we at Packing Services, Inc. will craft custom crates built specifically with your product in mind. Our crates are made from quality lumber and can be treated for international journeys. These crates are built to withstand the rigors of transport to ensure that your product gets to your desired destination. Packing Services, Inc. does not believe in cutting corners or scamming customers with shoddy work. We treat your goods like our own and our crating and palletizing services reflect that.

Wrapping and Packing Car Parts in Boxes, Palletizing and Shipping Services TX-AL with Packing Service, Inc. - 911Along with our crating services, Packing Services, Inc. also offers palletizing services to securely transport bulky items domestically and internationally. Our pallets, much like our custom crates, are built from quality lumber in order to provide a solid foundation for your goods. Your goods are then shrink wrapped to the pallet which provides additional protection and allows for easier transport. Packing Services, Inc. takes in pride in our palletizing and crating services. Our custom crates and pallets are built tough with your product in mind. Place your trust in the professionals of Packing Services, Inc. for all of your shipping needs. Call 888-722-5774 or visit for a free fat rate quote.