Professional Crating and Shipping

Here at Packing Service, Inc. we know that getting items to their destination in a timely and secure manner is critical for businesses, corporations, and residential customers moving locally, domestically, or internationally. Packing Service, Inc. provides a variety of Shipping solutions to meet every deadline and budget. We offer delivery at the right time and the right cost for meeting your critical shipping needs.

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Since we first opened in 2003, Packing Service, Inc. has provided professional Moving and Shipping Solutions to both commercial and residential customers. We have been proud members of the Better Business Bureau since 2007 and have maintained a 97% customer satisfaction rating with the services we offer.

Custom Wooden Crates by Packing Service, Inc. (38)Packing Service, Inc. is perhaps the only company that combines both moving and shipping services under one company umbrella making us your nationwide one stop shop for all packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, shrink-wrap palletizing, Custom Crating and Shipping services that you could require! We can pack up items of any size or load and ship them to any port in the world.


Our company can save you time and help ensure your items arrive intact to their destinations. We specialize in properly packing fragile and high value items including, but not limited to; expensive equipment, fragile artwork, over sized machinery, and delicate antiques.

At Packing Service, Inc. we know that not everything will fit perfectly into a standard box. So for everything that doesn’t we offer special Crate and Ship services. Our certified crating and shipping professionals will go on-site, to your location, to build Custom Wooden Crates for your items before shipping them anywhere nationwide or to any port in the world!
Give us your heavy, oversized, or awkwardly shaped Items and we’ll build custom wooden crates on-site, at your location, for delivery to their destinations. Through our long established relationships with domestic carriers, we manage regional, local, long haul LTL, and full truckload shipments. We have no size or weight limitations and by working directly with carriers, we minimize the chances for potential damage while expediting your shipment.

Moving and Shipping Services by Packing Service, Inc.We will never give you a low ball estimate just to book a job; we provide only guaranteed flat rate quotes in black and white with no hidden fees, no extra charges and no misunderstandings. We collect all the information up front and provide you with one guaranteed flat rate quote for the services you need us to provide. With our company you will know from the start exactly how much you will pay in the end with no surprises. We’ll manage the entire process of your shipment from pick up to delivery.
You can rest assured that with Packing Service, Inc. your items are in the capable hands of professionals whose #1 priority is making our customers happy with the Moving and Shipping Services we provide.

Nationwide Crating and Shipping Services

Here at Packing Service, Inc. we provide professional moving and shipping solutions with guaranteed flat rate quotes. Our company offers to provide Custom Wooden Crating services anywhere nationwide for your industrial machinery, delicate equipment, fragile artwork and any other items you could require.

If you have expensive items of any size and shape that demand the highest level of protection, especially when shipping long distance or internationally, than Packing Service, Inc. has the professional services and expertise to ensure your items are protected every step of the way.

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Crating Services involve building made-to-measure custom wooden crates that are specific to the dimensions of your items. Our custom wooden crates can be prepared for domestic and international shipping. They are the best way to protect your valuables.
Don’t worry about bringing any of the items you need crated to our location, Packing Service, Inc. provides on-site crating services. We’ll send professionals to your location, at no additional costs, to build specially crafted Wooden Crates for your items. Our team of experts use heat treated wood made specifically for international shipping.

Crating and Shipping by Packing Service, Inc.

We can crate and ship your items to any port in the world, so whether you need the items shipped locally, domestically, or internationally; we’re your guys. If you’re shipping internationally, rest assured that our shipping crates meet the requirements of whatever country you are shipping to. As a professional crating and shipping company, Packing Service, Inc. is the shipping company that will give you the best individually created shipping crates that will meet the needs of both you and your budget. So regardless of whether you need crates for fine art, or many industrial crates of varying sizes; Packing Service, Inc. is the company that can produce custom wooden crates for any items regardless of size and weight. You can visit our company’s website at and read the free information we provide on moving company scams and exactly what to look out for so you can avoid becoming a victim of these unethical practices. You can also read our customer reviews and view pictures of each service we provide.

Full Moving Services Nationwide

Do you have an upcoming move planned? Packing Service, Inc. offers full Moving Services for local, domestic, and international moves. Whether you’re planning to relocate your small business, corporation, office, or home we have the professional moving services you need to make your relocation process as stress free as possible.

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No matter what item you need to ship, we have the capability to pack, load and ship it domestically and internationally. Our nationwide relocation services remove the stress that typically accompanies a move, so you can deal with other more pressing matters like personal or business obligations. Most Packing and Shipping companies will bill by the hour or the space required and provide estimates that will change upon the job’s completion. With Packing Service, Inc. you will receive one flat rate quote that is guaranteed for the job. Most moving and packing services providers give lowball estimates, which in countless cases will double and sometimes even triple upon receiving your final bill. Save yourself the stress and aggravation of dealing with these unethical practices; get a flat rate quote from day one and know exactly what you will pay with no surprises. Packing Service, Inc. is the premier professional packing and moving services provider with over ten years of experience in the business.

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Packing Service, Inc. combines both moving and shipping services under one company umbrella making us your one stop shop for all packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, Shrink Wrap Palletizing, custom crating and shipping services you could need anywhere nationwide! Our professional packers and loaders have no less than one year of experience in the moving industry and area ready to handle jobs of any size.

We are the only company in the moving services industry that provides every service under one roof making us unique in the business. Most packing and shipping companies focus on one or two services. We are a multi-faceted moving service provider that handles packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, pallet services, crating and shipping and nationwide relocation services on a daily basis. If you have furniture or large machinery, we can palletize or crate practically any item regardless of size and weight; we can pack, load and ship it. We also build custom wooden boxes specifically designed for your items. We wrap, strap and shrink-wrap your items to pallets (palletizing) with the utmost care to ensure all your items are handled in the safest and most professional way. When you are looking for packing and loading, crating, and pallet services, crating and shipping or freight shipping companies, remember Packing Services, Inc. does not provide estimates only guaranteed flat rate quotes. We are a one stop shop packing and moving services provider that can handle any job, big or small.

Professional Moving and Shipping Solutions with Guaranteed Flat Rate Quotes.

Professional Moving and Shipping Solutions with Guaranteed Flat Rate Quotes.

We will never provide low ball estimates that will change on you; we provide only guaranteed flat rate quotes in black and white with no hidden fees, no extra charges and no misunderstandings whatsoever! You can visit our website and see pictures of our professional full moving services as well as each individual service that we provide. Read our customer reviews and view our listing with the Better Business Bureau. You will see for yourself the level of professionalism that one can expect from our company’s experienced employees.