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When a move is local or less than one hundred miles from the original home, there are many options to choose from in order to get your help with your Moving Needs. Customers may be able to handle everything on their own. From acquiring packing supplies and materials to packing their possessions to renting a truck and loading it with all of their belongings, customers can do all of this with the help of friends and family members. While this is widely common, it can take a great amount of time and energy, and this can easily be avoided by employing a professional intra or interstate moving company that focuses on local or in-state moving operations. If you decide to hire a professional moving company to assist you with the process, you will enjoy assistance with the relocation of heavy furniture or other items which are impossible to tackle independently or with only one or two people. Additionally, you will save time, and perhaps money, by making the entire process extremely quick and nearly stress free.

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Give Packing Service, Inc. a call and we will provide you with a free quote. The way we provide our quotes is that ask for as much information as possible. For all of our quotes, will require that email us pictures of the items and the amount of items to be moved. Once we have all this information, we will give you the most accurate quote possible. We will utilize the information provided to determine the number of packing materials required. For example, a good quote will demonstrate the number of boxes and packing supplies the Moving Company believes is required for that particular job. Once a customer selects Packing Service, Inc. for moving services, the company will accurately pack and label each box or item with its final destination. This can help with both the moving day and the settling in process as furniture and heavy boxes will not need to be moved a second or third time.

Packing Service, Inc. only offers excellent Moving Services. Whether a customer is moving across the street or across town, we will provide them with the same quality of service. On top of all that, the company will assist you during the entire job. If a customer has any question during the move, we are one phone call away. We do not provide estimates that might change throughout the course of any of the service that we provide to customers. We only provide flat rate quotes. To request a flat rate quote for all your packing, moving, and shipping services, email us at or give us a call at (888) 722-5774.

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Palletizing services from Packing Service, Inc.


Domestic and International on-site Wrapping and Palletizing Boxes, Furniture, Machinery by Professionals with Guaranteed Flat Rate Quotes

Christmas and New Year are right around the corner. They are some of the busiest times of the year; therefore customers are going to need Palletizing Services. Packing Service, Inc. offers the best packing and palletizing services nationwide. The company specializes in all services related to packing and palletizing, palletizing for shipping, as well as other general palletizing services. Whether you require professional palletizing of boxes shrink wrapping service for machinery or shrink wrapping furniture for palletizing, Packing Service, Inc. has the professional staff for packing and palletizing services to satisfy your personal and business needs. We have been in business for over a decade and are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau since 2007 with an A+ rating. This is largely thanks to the professionalism we demonstrate in all areas of business, be it pallet wrap and all other palletizing services. From the hiring process to the training we provide, to each job we have completed, we hold the highest level of standards for our employees to adhere to. Every employee must have at least one year of experience in the industry. After employment, our employees go through extensive training because we will only work with professionals who take pride in the work they perform.


For all Shrink Wrapping services, Packing Service, Inc. is the best company for the job. We provide on-site palletizing services using heat shrink wrap, plastic shrink wrap, and industrial shrink wrap. Whether you have a large piece of furniture, machinery or boxed home goods, we have the professional staff to get the job done right in fast and efficient manner. When it comes to our shrink wrap service, shrink wrapping furniture or palletizing for shipping, we have you covered. Our professional packing and palletizing team will wrap, re-wrap, pad and Pallet Wrap every item you need in the most careful and diligent way possible. Our customers, much like our company name, mean everything to us. We treat your valuables as if they were our own. At Packing Service, Inc., we provide pictures of before, during, and after each Shrink Wrap Service we provide. We want you, the customer, to see the level of professionalism and genuine care that go into every service that we provide.

At Packing Service, Inc., every customer is important and their personal and business items will always be handled in the most careful and professional manner. Packing Service, Inc. is a Palletizing Company that works with only professional employees who have extensive experience in heat shrink wrap, and any palletizing services you may require. Big or small, we have the best people and the resources to get every job done in the most professional and courteous and careful way possible. Other companies will give you a low-ball estimate and then, when at the site, you discover that more services and materials are needed. Your original price will be doubled and sometimes even tripled. To request a flat rate quote for all your packing, moving, and palletizing needs, email us at or give us a call at (888) 722-5774.

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End of the Year Packing and Shipping Services from PSI


Customers always want top notch services for the money that he or she is spending. The person has worked hard for his or her money after all, and it is only right and fair that he or she gets the best bang for their buck. Here at Packing Service, Inc., we understand that, and that’s why the company always strives for excellence in every packing, moving, palletizing, crating, and shipping service provided. We are among the best in the industry, and as a Professional Packing Company, we only hire the very best. We always try to put ourselves in customers’ shoes. We even go as far as imagining ourselves being our customers. Before we complete a job, we often ask ourselves, “If we were a customer, how would we want this company to perform the job? What is the quality of service that we would want provided to us?” Since we’re very knowledgeable about our industry, we’re in the position to both answer those questions and provide the best services possible.

Moving and Shipping

For Crating Services, our packers and movers only work with wooden crates that are in excellent condition. For shrink wrapping, the task will be completed in the most professional manner possible. Unlike most other moving and packing companies, we will not provide you with low estimates at the beginning only for them to increase dramatically later on. Once customers contact us, we always stress the importance of flat rate quotes because we want to avoid any sort of misunderstanding. We avoid providing estimates because they sometimes increase after everything is taken into consideration. We ask all the right questions up front and the quote we provide to customers is the amount you will pay. We are professionals who do things right from the start. There are no hidden costs and no extra charges. We are proud of our reputation since it is everything to us. With more than a dozen of years of experience and a proven track record of absolute professionalism, Packing Service, Inc. has established itself as an industry leader in the Packing and Moving Industry.

Packing Service, Inc. is that company. It is here to provide you with the best packing, moving, crating, palletizing, and Shipping Services possible. For all your needs involving packing and crating, shrink wrap palletizing, crating and shipping, Packing and Shipping, loading and unloading or just packing boxes for shipping, the services that Packing Service, Inc. offers are unparalleled. Our packers and movers work on jobs dealing with wooden crates, shrink wrap, and shipping container. Packing Service, Inc. has a strong commitment to professionalism, excellence, and an absolute dedication to our customers. To request a flat rate quote for all your packing, moving, and shipping needs, email us at or give us a call at (888) 722-5774.

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