Three Mistakes You Should Avoid When Moving To a New House

The anxiety and stress of relocation could cause you to make some costly mistakes when planning to move into a new space. In this educative piece, we are taking you through three of these mistakes and how to avoid them for a smooth and stress-free move.

1. Incorrect Labeling On Packing Boxes

It’s your responsibility to label your packing boxes correctly and place them in their custom crates before the arrival of professional movers to help you get them to your new location. If you do not label these boxes correctly, you would have a hard time trying to unpack in your new location, and these could cause you severe stress in your new home.

To avoid mislabeling your packing boxes, label each box immediately you seal it and place it in its Custom Crate. Another mistake you should avoid is leaving out important information on the items you have inside the box.

Pack and Ship, Custom Crate, Packing Boxes

Pack and Ship, Custom Crate, Packing Boxes

Also, use permanent markers that are bold and write legible words, so they don’t clean off on your way to your new home.

2. Using the Wrong Packing Items

Do not be tempted to use the faulty packing items like Packing Boxes and custom crates, especially if you would park and ship these items. The wrong packing items are liable to damages when you move them through long distances.

When you pack and ship your items using the wrong packing boxes, they would tear open and expose your belongings to unforeseen damages.

The staffs of the agency that would help Pack and Ship your items could also be exposed to domestic injuries as a result of moving your items in the wrong packing boxes. Always purchase new packing items for every move to protect your belongings.

3. Hiring the Wrong Hands to Help You Move

Another dangerous mistake that could cost you a lot of money or damage to your properties is working with the wrong moving agency to help you move your belongings to your new home. There are tons of inexperienced persons claiming to be moving professionals.

They would be quick to accept your proposal even when they do not have enough your experience and equipment to see it through.

When you trust the wrong hands to pack and unpack your belongings, move them from your home to a van and then your new home, you may risk damaging precious items in the process.

Before you trust any moving expert with your belongings, you must be sure such expert has the right experience, equipment, and team to execute the project successfully.

Hiring the right professionals would take over 60% of relocation stress off you. They would cover the entire process and leave you with just supervising the process.

Final Words

Avoid the mistakes listed above to enjoy stress relocation to your new home. Always use the right packing and shipping agency when moving abroad to ensure your items get to their intended location successfully.

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Smart Ways to Move Successfully To Your New Apartment

Are you moving to a new apartment and want to make the move without making any mistake that would stress you out and ruin your plans?

Come on board as we take you through smart ways to plan your move without having to make mistakes and ruining the entire plan.

1. Round Off With Your Home Agents

When you have finally found the apartment you love to move into, you have to tie up all ends and close the deal with your real estate agent. Before you make payments you have to verify all the paper works and possibly meet with the managers of the apartment for better clarification.

This way, you will avoid future problems with the property when you finally move into your property.

2. Get Started Immediately

Do not shift your move because there is so much to move and too many properties to be relocated. Get your packing boxes and start from items you can pack on your own while you wait for quotes from relocation companies which you must have contacted.

You can start from rooms which you do not use frequently to pack the items there. Remember to get quality packing boxes and wooden boxes for your items. Once you are done with the less-used rooms, you can move into the rooms you use frequently.

Remember to get quality Wooden Boxes especially for fragile items when you pack your belongings.

Wooden Boxes, Shipping Services, Packing Boxes

Wooden Boxes, Shipping Services, Packing Boxes

3. Clean the New Space

Before you begin to move your wooden boxes and Packing Boxes to your new apartment, you must clean it up and make sure it’s clean enough for you to move in. if you are preoccupied with other activities, you can have a cleaning agency take care of the process for you while you make arrangements for bringing in your belongings.

Make sure you start the arrangements as soon as you are done with cleaning your space.

4. Check out the Utility System

Once you are done with cleaning up the space, your next step should be to check the utility services in the building to make sure all of them are functioning effectively. Utility services like gas, water and electric supply points should all be functional. Although you may have checked this out prior to paying for the apartment, you should double check to see if they are still working.

5. Use the Right Shipping Services

The importance of working with the right shipping services providers cannot be over-emphasized.  Do not go for cheap and unreliable shipping company because you are looking to cut down on the cost of relocation. If you are shipping your items from another location, it’s important you use professional moving company to work on your project.

The right shipping company will ensure your belongings get to their destination on time and they are mostly covered by insurance.

Final Word

The following tips will help you get your belongings and move seamlessly into a new apartment without much stress. Always use professional moving service providers and save yourself the heartbreaks that come with a failed move.

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Sending Gifts Abroad

Sending gifts abroad can be easy if you follow the right steps. However, there are quick steps you must follow to ensure your items get to the receiver in our piece. A lot of things could go wrong and ruin your surprise package.

The processes of handling, packaging, Shipping and delivering your gift can damage the package or result to the loss of your item if you do not package and label correctly. Thus, you have to take the right measures to make sure your gift gets to your intended receiver successfully.

To help see to that, we are taking you through the important steps you must take if you are shipping a gift abroad for the very first time.

Declare Your Items

Before you send your gift to be shipped abroad, you should first fill out the custom declaration form and attach it to the item. You can get the form from your home country’s custom office department. Without the form, your item may be seized by the destination country custom officers.

Get a Reliable Wooden Box or Custom Crates

The first step to successfully sending a gift abroad is to package it effectively. Your item would probably be shipped together with thousands of other items and would pass through the various processes like custom checks, packing and load and other shipping activities.

However, when you pack your item with a custom crate, wooden boxes or Wooden Crates, it would be extremely difficult to lose your goods to damages from your shipping handlers.

Wooden Crates, Shipping, Packing

Wooden Crates, Shipping, Packing









They are special wooden boxes, wooden crates, or custom crates design for this purpose. You could wrap your gifts with wraps before placing them inside the box.

Wrap the Your Items Individually

If you are shipping delicate or breakable items then it’s only logical you wrap the individually before placing them in your shipping box.

Items that are easily susceptible to breakages and damages should be handled with extra care. Thus, you have to double the protective wrapping material to make sure it is safe. You can also place such item in a smaller box and then place the smaller box in a bigger box to make sure it is properly packaged.

Pack Your Item Properly

While it’s safer to use custom crates like wooden crates and wooden boxes, it’s important you wrap your items properly before you put them in the crates. You can make use of wrapping items like packaging chips, old fabrics and newspapers to wrap your items and prevent friction. Use these wrapping materials before you place your item on a wooden box, wooden crate or custom crate.

Reinforce Your Packing Boxes

If you are using old wooden boxes, you can go ahead and reinforce them if you don’t want to put in too much investment in buying another box.

Reinforce your old boxes using packing tapes to strengthen the edges. Although you can reinforce your old box, always ensure the box is durable enough to send your items abroad.

Bottom Line

The following tips will help to successfully send a gift to your loved one abroad. Get a reliable shipping company and you wouldn’t have to worry about the stress of shipping an item abroad.

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