Things to know about Packing and Shipping

At some point in life, we all need the service of a shipping company to move some packages from one point to another or perhaps send some gift to our loved ones. The fear that it could get damaged if a reputable shipping company does not handle the service is real and demands that it should be prevented. Nothing is as joyous as meeting a sent package or gift which is still intact. The value does not diminish. No wonder the big brands make use of reputable packing company for packing and shipping their products.

In some cases, this is not always obtainable as the packages might have been crumbled. Additionally, you might need to send a heavy package. The reason to use a reputable and trustworthy packing company is inexhaustible.

However, you deserve to have handy knowledge about packing and shipping. Here are a few tips to guide you.

  • Remove Old Used Labels.

The old used label contains barcodes which are used by shipping companies to code shipping addresses of the customers. Although reusing the boxes to transport package is economical and help to reduce cost, it could also cause confusion and possibly a displacement of packages. It is advisable that you remove the old labels that are present on the packing company boxes.

In addition, the old label could slow down the pace at which you get your packages delivered which could affect your plan. This could also be termed evidence of an uncared attitude and could even make the boxes rough. With just a few minutes of your time dedicated to removing the old label, you might be saving yourself from future stress (if at all, there is any).

  • Use The H-Tape Method.

There are several methods of boxing a package and making it safe for delivery no matter the duration of time it would pass before getting to the desired destination. However, in all of these, the H-Tape method is the best and it is for a definite reason. Boxes used to transport packages container seams which are potential openings through which the package could be removed, however, since it is to be transported, it is pertinent to ensure that all these seams are closed. The H-Tape method ensures that all the seams are closed and in addition, neatly done.

Perhaps, you are thinking what if it is an irregular shape? The concept used for the H-Tape packing can still be maintained such that all seems are closed neatly with the sealing tape.

  • Don’t Assume, Check Shipping Schedule

 Nobody loves to be disappointed, not even the most loyal customers. Surprisingly, the disappointment might be caused by a few unchecked information. However, it can be avoided since prompt delivery strengthens trust and tighten the business relationship. Checking out for the schedules would go a long way to ensure that you get the best from the shipping company. Checking out for holidays both local and international could cause some additional stress of calculating the delivery time although tracking devices now abound to solve any issue that might arise from packing and shipping.

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How to Spot an Incompetent Shipping Company

Have you been a victim of lousy shipping services? Do you wish to avoid trusting your goods and customer satisfaction in the hands of dishonest middlemen with false claims about running a shipping company?

Come on board as we take you through 4 quick ways to smell fraud and avoid scammers who front as shipping line owners in the industry.

The shipping industry is very lucrative, with hundreds of shipping company ready to meet your needs. Thus, it is not uncommon to find scammers and incompetent shipping companies that would cause you to waste your time and resources with them.

In this expository article, we will outline four ways to spot an incompetent shipping company and how to avoid them when searching for the appropriate shipping company.

1. Check for Insurance

Moving your goods and products from one point to another comes with risks which must be duly covered by insurance. Your proposed shipping company should provide an insurance policy that will cover for any loss or misplacement of your goods.

Cheaper shipping company with lesser flat rate pallet shipping costs rarely have a functional insurance policy for their customers.

2. Discuss the Mode of Delivery

Before you financially commit to any shipping company, it’s essential you understand their mode of delivery and how they intend to deliver your products to your clients. The standard methods of transportation used by all shipping services are ship, truck, or air.

The mode of delivery plays a vital role in the rate which your products will get to your desired location. Fraudulent and incompetent shipping companies will quickly go through the palletizing and crating process without disclosing their mode of operation.

This will negatively impact on the schedule as you may miss important deadlines and lose the trust of your clients and business partners. Also, if you deal on perishable goods, then it’s essential you finalize the mode of delivery before you proceed with the palletizing and crating process.

3. The Packaging Process

If you are not going to be in charge of packing your products, then you should discuss this with your prospective shipping company. This is important, primarily if you deal with fragile or dangerous products.

The shipping company should have extensive experience with handling such products, and their claims should be valid through previous users and satisfied customers.

Before you go ahead with palletizing and crating your products, you should be able to trust your shipping company with the packing process. Your goods should receive the utmost care and attention.

 4. Check for License

No matter how cheap the pallet shipping cost or the flat rate pallet shipping process of a company is, without a certified operating permit, the company has no holding and is operating illegally.

A reputable shipping company should have an adequate recommendation from the shipping license authority and other essential maritime certifications in other to function effectively.

Fraudulent shipping companies will distract you with a low flat rate pallet shipping few or pallet shipping cost. Watch out for such company.

Final Words

When hunting for the right shipping company, it is imperative you thoughtfully consider your options. So you don’t end up with a fraudulent organization that would disorganize your business.

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Tricks and Tips for Successful Relocation to your New Home

Are you moving to your new home?  Check out important tips and tricks on how to plan for a seamless move and cut down the stress of moving heavy luggage.

In this informative piece, we will take you through quick steps on how to prepare for a move today.  Let’s get started!

Finish off with your Real Estate Company

Before you think of hiring a packing company, you must round up all business with the real estate agency in charge of your new home.

Go through the papers and make sure everything is in place before you get your packing boxes and plan for the move.

This will help you avoid any problem or interference when you get down to packing into the new space.

Start on Time

If you plan on moving in two months, the best time to start is now. You can start by getting a quote from your packing company and buying quality packing boxes for the move.

Then proceed with packing up stuff from rooms that are not frequently used.  You can do this your self before your packers and loaders come around to take over from you.

From here you can proceed to rooms you frequently use.  When you start early,  you can comfortably move between the two spaces without losing any property to damage caused by carelessness.

Clean up the New Space

This is very important as your packers and loaders will immediately deliver your properties to the new space despite its condition. Most times, the Realtors or previous owners may clean up the space and get it ready for the new owner. However,  you cannot rely on this arrangement if you Have other cleaning requirements.

After you seal the deal, inspect the new space immediately to know if it’s ready for you to move in or you have to work on it.

Check out the Utility Functions

Just before you kick-start the relocation process,  you need to make sure that all the utility services are working effectively.  Check the water, electricity, and gas supplies and ensure they are all functional.  Also, check the heating and cooling systems to make sure they are all good.

You can get acquainted with the servicemen in charge of these utilities in case you need to have them fixed in the future.

Hire a Professional Packing Company

Before you trust any random packers and loaders with your properties, you should consider the risks involved in using the wrong professionals to move your items.

From inexperienced moves that slow down the entire process or damage to your properties, the wrong packers and loaders are not the ideal moving team to help you with relocation.

Get yourself an experienced packing company that uses the right packing boxes and moving procedure to save yourself the stress of enduring a failed move.

Bottom line

The following quick tips will see you through your relocation process.  Always talk to the right professionals to help you plan the moving process ahead of time and provide you the necessary information that will aid your relocation. Good luck!

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