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How To Wrap and Store Your Outdoor Furniture for Winter

Patios and backyards get plenty of use when the weather’s nice. But when the leaves fall and the temperatures drop whether for hurricane season or winter, the items that provide us enjoyment become burdens. Furniture, grills, pools, sculptures….can all be … Continue reading

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Wrapping and Palletizing- Securing your Loads!

Why are more businesses and individuals shrink-wrapping and palletizing their loads to ship them? The answer is simple- because it’s an easy way to cheaply transport large items. Additionally, there is a smaller chance of the shipment being damaged when being … Continue reading

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Pack, Crate and Ship with the Professionals

Are you in need of professional packing services to pack up your house or office? Whether household or commercial goods, Packing Service, Inc. will pack up any size item(s) or load and ship them anywhere in the world you require. … Continue reading

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