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Are you in need of custom crating services for fine art, antique furniture, over-sized machinery or other items? If you have expensive items of any size and shape that demand the highest level of protection, especially when shipping long distance or internationally, than Packing Service, Inc. has the professional services and expertise to ensure your items are protected every step of the way.

Industrial Crating, Custom Wooden Crates by Packing Service Inc

Custom Crating services involves our professional employees arriving on-site (at your location) and building custom wooden crates specific to the measurements of your item(s). For long distance and international moves, Packing Service, Inc.’s custom crating services are the best way to protect expensive and oversized item(s) that you need to safely ship from inside the US to anywhere in the world. We can crate and ship your items to any port in the world, so whether you need the items shipped locally, domestically, or internationally; we’re your guys. If you’re shipping internationally, rest assured that our shipping crates meet the requirements of whatever country you are shipping to. As a professional Crating and Shipping company, Packing Service, Inc. is the shipping company that will give you the best individually created shipping crates that will meet the needs of both you and your budget.

Crating Services, Packing and Crating, Wooden Boxes by Packing Service Inc

Our professional employees have a minimum of one year experience providing custom crating services and always use the best packing materials possible. The protection of our customer’s items and their happiness with our services is our top priority. So whether you need crates for fine art, or many industrial crates of varying sizes; Packing Service, Inc. is the company that can produce Custom Wooden Crates for any items regardless of size and weight. You can visit our company’s website at and read the free information we provide on moving company scams and exactly what to look out for so you can avoid becoming a victim of these unethical practices. You can also read our customer reviews and view pictures of each service we provide.

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