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Last week our staff at Packing Service, Inc. received a frantic call from a gentleman in New York City. He explained how he had hired a Crating Company to crate and ship a 7ft mirror, but when the movers arrived the situation became immediately alarming. The team he hired arrived an hour late and when they began loading the crate into the rental truck, the mirror punctured through the bottom of the wood. Livid and worried about his deadline shipment, the gentleman eagerly requested a quote from our team and our Professionals were right to the rescue. Packing Service, Inc. professionals arrived on site with materials to build a custom and durable new crate for the large mirror. We finished faster than the original team hired and the gentleman met his shipment deadline for the following day.

How did this happen? Most crating companies are aware their potential customer is stressed and looking for a quick solution to their needs. Thus, to ease you over they offer a low price estimate – Don’t fall for it! An estimate is just as it states, an “estimate”, which will often increase or accrue “extra fees”.  Then, the crating company will outsource the service to unknown crating providers resulting in potentially poor craftsmanship and slipshod customer service. Moving and shipping are stressful processes enough, eliminate your risk for head aches and damages -and do your research. The gentleman learned firsthand trust in more relative sources- like our team of Professional packers at
Packing Service, Inc.

For the most professional crating services by any crating company in the industry; choose Packing Service, Inc. and we will exceed all of your expectations. Our professional team of craters will arrive on-site and build custom wooden boxes around your items right before your very eyes. Whether we are preparing custom wooden boxes for industrial equipment, machinery or furniture; PSI will Crate and Ship your merchandise in a fraction of the time it will take those other guys. The level of professionalism and respect we demonstrate to our customers will leave you beyond satisfied. Remember with every service we offer, it is always at one guaranteed flat rate quote! Packing Service, Inc. is the professional Crating Company that builds custom wooden boxes on-site that are specifically tailored to the dimensions of your items. When you require the best crating services in the business; call or email Packing Service, Inc. for a flat rate quote that is guaranteed! (888) 722-5774 | info@packingserviceinc.com

Packing Service, Inc. Provides Domestic and International Shipping

Packing Service, Inc. Provides Domestic and International Shipping


Can you provide crating to carnival equipment, like robotics for rides?

Yes, here is a list of a few of the many custom crates we have provides services for:

Box Crating
Commercial Crates
Residential Crating
Industrial Crates
Domestic Crating
International Crates
Re-usable Crates
Knock-down Crates
Display Crates
Computer Crates
Electronics Crates
IT Equipment Crates
Moving Crates
Furniture Crates
Museum Quality Crates
Art Crates
Antique Crates
Custom Built Crates
Sculpture Transport Crates
Floating Crates
Heavy Machine Crates
Animal Transport Crates
Palletizing Crates
International Crating

Where can I find some examples of your crating services?

Click Here for Our Custom Crating Gallery

My company would like to work with Packing Service, Inc. What do I do?

If you and your company would like to be a part of our company, please fill out the Business Inquires Form and we will contact you as soon as we can or email us your information at Info@PackingServiceInc.com

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