Wrapping and Shipping services for Arcade Games and Electronic Equipment

Last week, a customer called Packing Service, Inc. faced with an urgent crisis! The customer had an expensive vintage arcade machine he needed shipped over the weekend and he needed it to arrive at the destination by Monday. Thankfully, the customer contacted US! Packing Service, Inc. has become the most professional provider of shipping services in the nation. Our Staff of Specialists received this urgent request, obtained the necessary information, and quickly gathered our Team of experienced Shrink Wrap and Palletize Professionals to wrap and ship out the item. Packing Service, Inc. is Shipping Company that can be trusted to deliver your items under a tight schedule. Our shipping services cover a wide-range of valuables, whether they are personal items like an arcade or coffee machine or bulky furniture like an armoire.


If you have arcade machines, equipment, gaming systems, or any electronic equipment – Consider your options on How you will transport these items and Who will be applying these Shipping Services.

Placing your trust in a shipping company can certainly become a task, even more so if you know little about the process. As a Full Service Domestic and International shipping company Packing Service, Inc. offers several shipping services that can ensure the security of your valuables. Such as for the “arcade machine crisis”- we applied our shrink wrap and palletize service. Shrink wrapping and palletizing goods helps packed goods to remain secure in single bulk loads, tightly bound and strapped to wooden pallets to avoid movement during the rigors of transport. Our shrink wrap and palletize crew understands the importance of safety and takes it upon ourselves to place your items on quality wooden pallets, securely wrapping item(s), strapping them down to the pallet and shrink-wrapping them directly to each pallet preparing them for shipping.

If you’re interested in the shrink wrap and palletize option, send our team of specialist a list of your items with the dimensions, weight, and a Photo. Our team will review and apply a quote based on your detailed request:

Whether you’re shipping by air, land, or sea, Packing Service, Inc. is the shipping company you can trust!

With our Shipping Services there are No Hidden Costs, No Extra Charges, No Misunderstandings and No Time Charges.


We are Professionals providing Flat Rate Quotes Only, call for a flat rate quote today!


What if I have last-minute or additional items I want to have shipped?

Finding out you have additional items that need to be shipped can be stressful. Packing Service, Inc. understands that this happens often and we won’t let it affect your shipment. Once we review your flat rate quote, we can stipulate how much each extra item will cost and inform you, so that you know beforehand.

How do you calculate the flat rate quote for your shipping services?

Our company charges by the job not by the time it takes to complete it. We charge by the number of boxes or items that need to be shipped. For example, if the customer requires us to pack items into boxes then we charge by the number of boxes. If the customer needs pallets or crates then we charge by the size and weight of the item.


About Packing Service Inc

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