Sending Gifts Abroad

Sending gifts abroad can be easy if you follow the right steps. However, there are quick steps you must follow to ensure your items get to the receiver in our piece. A lot of things could go wrong and ruin your surprise package.

The processes of handling, packaging, Shipping and delivering your gift can damage the package or result to the loss of your item if you do not package and label correctly. Thus, you have to take the right measures to make sure your gift gets to your intended receiver successfully.

To help see to that, we are taking you through the important steps you must take if you are shipping a gift abroad for the very first time.

Declare Your Items

Before you send your gift to be shipped abroad, you should first fill out the custom declaration form and attach it to the item. You can get the form from your home country’s custom office department. Without the form, your item may be seized by the destination country custom officers.

Get a Reliable Wooden Box or Custom Crates

The first step to successfully sending a gift abroad is to package it effectively. Your item would probably be shipped together with thousands of other items and would pass through the various processes like custom checks, packing and load and other shipping activities.

However, when you pack your item with a custom crate, wooden boxes or Wooden Crates, it would be extremely difficult to lose your goods to damages from your shipping handlers.

Wooden Crates, Shipping, Packing

Wooden Crates, Shipping, Packing









They are special wooden boxes, wooden crates, or custom crates design for this purpose. You could wrap your gifts with wraps before placing them inside the box.

Wrap the Your Items Individually

If you are shipping delicate or breakable items then it’s only logical you wrap the individually before placing them in your shipping box.

Items that are easily susceptible to breakages and damages should be handled with extra care. Thus, you have to double the protective wrapping material to make sure it is safe. You can also place such item in a smaller box and then place the smaller box in a bigger box to make sure it is properly packaged.

Pack Your Item Properly

While it’s safer to use custom crates like wooden crates and wooden boxes, it’s important you wrap your items properly before you put them in the crates. You can make use of wrapping items like packaging chips, old fabrics and newspapers to wrap your items and prevent friction. Use these wrapping materials before you place your item on a wooden box, wooden crate or custom crate.

Reinforce Your Packing Boxes

If you are using old wooden boxes, you can go ahead and reinforce them if you don’t want to put in too much investment in buying another box.

Reinforce your old boxes using packing tapes to strengthen the edges. Although you can reinforce your old box, always ensure the box is durable enough to send your items abroad.

Bottom Line

The following tips will help to successfully send a gift to your loved one abroad. Get a reliable shipping company and you wouldn’t have to worry about the stress of shipping an item abroad.

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